Selecting a massage cream for your practice can depend on so many variables. If you are one of the many professional massage therapists or bodyworkers who likes to have several different massage creams on hand, then the selection process can entail even more details.

However, there can be quite a few good reasons to invest the effort to pick out a small array of massage creams for use in your practice. If you have always been the type of touch therapist to rely on just one favorite massage cream, this could be the time to open your mind up to the benefits of keeping multiple massage creams in the cabinet.

The main reason to stock up on a few dependable, high-quality massage creams is because this will allow you to further tailor each of your sessions to the specific needs of your client. Some massage therapists and bodyworkers find that giving clients the option of choosing which massage cream they would like you to use during the appointment adds an extra element of value, giving the client a greater sense of being pampered and cared for as an individual.

Another reason a professional massage therapist or bodyworker may wish to keep several different massage creams in the session room is if he or she wishes to use different types of massage creams on different regions of the client’s body. For example, there are massage creams available that are made specifically for areas of the body that may present special needs or a varying skin type, such as the face or the feet.

In order to begin your quest for the best selection of massage creams, you will need to get clear on what your goals are for having these various massage creams on hand. Think about what the ways in which you would be comfortable and even enthusiastic about using massage cream to tailor and customize your sessions. The direction you choose to take should be in harmony with who you are as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker.

As an example, if you feel authentically drawn toward the benefits that can come with aromatherapy, then it may feel right and comfortable to add one or two massage creams that contain essential oils for aromatherapeutic purposes. Then, you could ask each client if he or she would prefer you use a scented massage cream, after explaining the reported benefits of the essential oils the massage cream contains.

You could even take this a step further by adding a new option to your menu of services—aromatherapy massage. In the description of this new service, you could go into detail about the kind of massage cream you will be using and the benefits of the essential oils it contains.

This same example could be applied to all sorts of massage creams that you might choose for your practice. By offering clients options and explaining the benefits that come with each massage cream—whether verbally, via marketing materials or both—you can add quite a bit of value to each session, simply by picking up a few new massage creams.