CRANFORD, NJ (June 18, 2012) As summer turns to fall, our closets must also transition for the cool weather. Dark jeans replace our light sundresses and our thin tank tops are swapped out for heavy sweaters. But some pieces are timeless, and even as the seasons change, they prove their staying power time and time again. 

“Circles of Inspiration” necklaces by Anna Pereira Designs are beautifully hand painted and individually assembled. The charms come in a variety of colors that will complement any changing wardrobe, including fall-appropriate browns, reds, and oranges that call to mind the changing leaves.

Each charm is adorned with a word that could help anyone get through a change ofseasons, such as “Believe,” “Journey” and “Blessed.”

The “Circles of Inspiration” charms come in three styles; Circles of Inspiration, $49.50; Circles of Inspiration Super Charms, $78.50; and Circles of Inspiration Petite Super Charms, $60.50.

About Anna Pereira Designs

Anna Pereira Designs is the creator of “Circle of Inspiration” charms. Each charm is designed and handmade by Anna and boasts an inspirational expression that serves as a reminder of the wearer’s inner shine, brilliance and radiance.