The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) has released its annual report for fiscal year 2012. Included in the report are the MTF’s vision, mission and goals, executive summary, information about the projects the MTF is engaged in, and more.

The mission of the MTF is to advance “the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education, and community service.”

Among the highlights of the report:

• The MTF’s revenue was $659,537; expenses were $655,713. Expenses included fundraising, program activities and administration.

• The MTF makes grants for research and community service projects annually. In 2012, $60,000 was awarded for a total of two research grants; $24,800 was awarded for a total of five community service projects. The MTF also recognizes therapist and student case reports.

• The MTF trains in teaching research literacy at massage schools around the U.S., and offers an online course in basics of research.

• The MTF publishes the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, an open-sourced, peer-reviewed academic journal for massage therapy.

• The MTF also presents the International Massage Therapy Conference, with the next conference scheduled for 2016.

MASSAGE Magazine and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus are both stewards of the MTF.

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