Skin-care expert tackles 275 questions in new Milady book

Clifton Park, NY, February 11, 2009 – Milady, part of Cengage Learning and a leading provider of beauty and wellness learning solutions, announced the publication of The Skin Care Answer Book, written by industry expert Dr. Mark Lees. This full-color, softcover reference book is written in a Q&A format using nontechnical language to help educate skin-care professionals and consumers.

What causes wrinkles? Does what I eat really affect acne or cause flare ups? Why do I need to wear sunscreen if I am not outside? These nagging questions and many more are answered by Lees in The Skin Care Answer Book. The book addresses key topics to educate students, licensed estheticians and consumers. Chapters are organized by subject, making it reader-friendly and easy to navigate.

“This book gives skin-care professionals and consumers alike access to scientific, fact-based answers to their most pressing questions,” said Dawn Gerrain, president of Milady. “Authored by Lees, an award-winning skin-care professional who has developed his own skin-care products–-many of which are used by celebrities—The Skin Care Answer Book will be an invaluable addition to anyone’s book shelf.”

The Skin Care Answer Book covers general skin-related topics, including a basic understanding of the skin and how it ages, as well as questions regarding dry skin, sensitive skin, acne and allergy-prone skin. The book also focuses on caring for sun-exposed skin and helps readers throughout to perform their own skin analysis in order to determine which skin care products best suit their individual needs.

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About the Author

Dr. Mark Lees is one of the most noted skin-care specialists in the U.S., an award-winning speaker and product developer. He is the president and CEO of the award winning skin-care line, Mark Lees Skin Care Inc.

About Milady

Milady, part of Cengage Learning, is a leading provider of beauty and wellness education and has been an industry staple for the past 80 years. Known not only as a provider of pre-licensure resources, Milady offers training and consulting nationwide in various forms for salon and spa professionals.

About Cengage Learning

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