APOGEE Life Style, LLC, (APOGEE) owners of APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers, today announced the acquisition of Power Pilates®, a leading worldwide classical Pilates teacher training and certification company with over 100 affiliated studios around the globe. (A video announcement about the new partnership was posted today at www.apogeelifestyle.com).

The acquisition of Power Pilates represents APOGEE™s commitment to providing the highest level of Pilates education, fitness and wellness programming in the industry, announced Irv Cohen, President of APOGEE Life Style. While offering the opportunity to extend APOGEE™s wellness brand, the partnership will enhance our consumer and professional Pilates education and wellness offerings with the worldwide standard of excellence established by Power Pilates, Cohen continued.

The opportunity before us is tremendous as today™s health-conscious consumers continue to invest in health and wellness, explained Cohen. He added, APOGEE™s high quality centers are in demand by discerning clients seeking results and inspiration for lifestyle change to enhance their overall well-being.

Partnership Sets New Standard of Integration in Health and Wellness Programming

We look forward to offering Power Pilates™ industry-leading training and group exercise programming at our APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers, added Cohen. Power Pilates™ exceptional management team and 20 years of Pilates education expertise combined with APOGEE™s integrative wellness approach centered upon movement and nutrition makes for a partnership that will set the new standard in health and wellness programming in the market, explained Cohen.

Dr. Howard Sichel, Power Pilates founder, will continue his leadership role in the new APOGEE-owned company under the title of President and CEO of Power Pilates. Dr. Sichel, a chiropractor, explained, Power Pilates shares APOGEE™s commitment to complete wellness and to providing the most innovative and effective movement, nutrition and education programming available today. He continued, It has always been my vision to provide extraordinary places for consumers and professionals to further their education goals and share their passion for movement and healthy living. The partnership enhances our first-class reputation in the Pilates, fitness and healthcare industries and reinforces our commitment to wellness education in the U.S. and beyond.

APOGEE and Power Pilates Share Commitment to Community

APOGEE and Power Pilates also share a profound commitment to community. Power Pilates recently developed a program providing two free Pilates mat classes for eight weeks for children through the New York City Parks Afterschool Program. Power Pilates is looking to expand the program designed to support and empower youth through movement to the entire Power Pilates community in the near future. Similarly, APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers recently launched a Westchester County, NY, community wellness initiative, The APOGEE Fit Kids Challenge, which encouraged over 1,050 elementary and middle school children and their parents to make positive wellness steps in nutrition and exercise together.

About APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers

APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers opened its flagship location in White Plains, NY in March 2009, followed by its second center in Bedford Hills, NY. An entirely new concept in wellness inspired by the Pilates lifestyle, APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers transcend the traditional Pilates studio or gym. Providing extraordinary environments for healthy living, APOGEE™s wellness centers empower people through integrative movement, nutrition and community programs. APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers combine fitness and wellness programming with world-class Pilates instruction, unparalleled personalized service and inspired staff to create a lifestyle of complete health for clients.

APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers feature state-of-the-art studios and equipment; innovative group exercise classes including yoga, Pilates mat and specialty classes; private and semi-private Pilates instruction; personal training, a Wellness Concierge and numerous wellness amenities including nutrition services, life coaching and massage. The Shop at APOGEE, offering natural body care products, and The APOGEE Caf© by Myong, offering healthy food selections, enhance APOGEE™s total lifestyle concept. Visit www.apogeelifestyle.com to find out more about APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers.

About Power Pilates®

Power Pilates was founded with the goal of providing classical Pilates training that honors the integrity of the methods initially developed by Joseph Pilates. Currently one of the largest classical Pilates education companies in the world, Power Pilates offers teacher training and continuing education programs taught by the premier instructors in the industry. Power Pilates™ teacher training process is a clear, supportive and integrated approach that provides the knowledge and tools to empower the industry™s finest instructors.

The Company owns and operates three studios and has over 100 affiliated studios around the world. Power Pilates has certified over 7,000 teachers in 10 countries, creating a global community of passionate professionals and Pilates consumers. Visit www.powerpilates.com for more information about Power Pilates.

About APOGEE Life Style, LLC

APOGEE Life Style is a fully integrated health and wellness company synonymous with healthy lifestyles, fitness, personal care and nutrition. With a focus on inspiring healthy living at its core, APOGEE works to make wellness a way of life through its premium products, services, wellness centers and studios. With corporate offices in White Plains and Orangeburg, NY, APOGEE Life Style wholly owns and operates a portfolio of lifestyle companies including: APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers, Power Pilates, APOGEE Food Services, and Pilates-Pro.com.

A partnership between entrepreneurial founders A. Jon Prusmack, Stacy Ciaravella and Irv Cohen, APOGEE Life Style is a company made up of people who share an integrative approach to wellness and a commitment to supporting innovative health and wellness programs in the communities in which they operate. The company name “ meaning highest point “ sets the tone for APOGEE™s unparalleled level of service, premium products and line-up of talented staff.

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APOGEE Life Style Co-Founders (l to r) Irv Cohen, Stacy Ciaravella and A. Jon Prusmack in front of the new APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Center flagship location in White Plains, NY. APOGEE has acquired Power Pilates, a leading worldwide classical Pilates teacher training and certification company.

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