NEW YORK, NY — 03/24/09 — APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers transcend the traditional Pilates Studio or gym. A new concept in wellness, APOGEE offers a total-lifestyle approach for healthy living through integrative movement, nutrition and community programs. APOGEE centers will include state-of-the-art studios and equipment; innovative group exercise classes; private and semi-private Pilates instruction; a Wellness Concierge; the APOGEE Café by Myong as well as a shop and convenient valet parking. APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers serve New York with their two locations: White Plains, NY flagship and a location in Bedford Hills, NY.

The APOGEE Café by Myong serves healthy snacks, nourishing light meals and beverages; the lifestyle APOGEE boutique complements the experience through offering a broad selection of fitness apparel, wellness products, scents and a signature skincare line. Available at APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers are Pilates mat and equipment classes, one-on-one instruction targeted to individual fitness needs, massage therapy, and nutritional counseling.

To complete their goal of offering Pilates fitness and wellness to the NY area, APOGEE chose Web development and interactive marketing agency Bayshore Solutions for their Web site services. The Web development of this site includes helpful information on classes, services, membership, and more including reliable hosting that provides the infrastructure needed to provide a consistent user experience. The APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Web site can be found online at

Bayshore Solutions is proud to have provided custom Web development, reliable hosting and interactive marketing for the APOGEE Web site. CEO and President Kevin Hourigan of Bayshore Solutions noted, “APOGEE is on the wellness edge of their industry with developing all-in-one convenience solutions for their members; creating a Web site that provided results and complemented the services they offered was important.”

About APOGEE Life Style, LLC:

APOGEE Life Style, LLC is a fully integrated health and wellness company synonymous with healthy lifestyles, fitness, personal care and nutrition. APOGEE Life Style wholly owns and operates APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers. A partnership between entrepreneurial founders A. Jon Prusmack, Stacy Ciaravella and Irv Cohen, APOGEE Life Style is a company made up of people who share an integrative approach to wellness and a commitment to innovative health and wellness programs in the communities in which they operate.