The word “green” has taken on a new meaning in the American vernacular. The talk of “going green” is everywhere -from Wall Street to Main Street, from local fairs to national trade shows, from public relations “green-washing” to true reinventions of business.

Port Jefferson, NY, August 03, 2009 –(– Local salon owners Phyllis and Ron Schlumpf are among those that have truly made a commitment to reinvent their business to become more “green” in every way they could. In May of 2008, they made a decision to renovate and re-name their salon and shift the paradigm they had been accustomed to working within during the last eleven years. In creating Arame Salon & Spa they had to work within the limitations of a lease agreement in their building. With the approval of the property-owner, they invested heavily in exterior and interior surface modifications and in the products and services they provide to Long Island’s North Shore.

“Phyllis and I have lived green for years and it just seemed to be a perfect time to introduce green practices into our business”, says Ron. “Incorporating Feng Shui seemed like the perfect complement to our sustainability mission – to make our staff and clients feel the best they possibly can.”

Understanding that to establish a true earth-friendly environment also meant to create a healthy, harmonious space, Phyllis & Ron desired to incorporate ancient Feng Shui principles into the new design.

To help with the transformation, Phyllis and Ron brought in Maureen K. Calamia, a consultant that does Green Feng Shui ™. Founder of Luminous Spaces (, Maureen helped to guide the entire renovation process – from color, texture, placement, graphics, green and sustainable renovation products, and the use of the 5 Chinese elements to create a balanced space that promotes a feeling of relaxation and peace.

“Green Feng Shui design incorporates the ancient principles of balance and harmony through Feng Shui and the earth-supporting elements of modern green and sustainable design”, says Maureen. “And using eco-friendly materials greatly enhances the serenity and experience of the salon and works so well in this space.”

Feng Shui, being the original Green Movement according to the International Feng Shui Guild (, is about harnessing the energy of the heavens and earth to create built environments that closely mimic the harmonious, balanced, life-giving force experienced in nature. Green Feng Shui design principles strive to minimize the buildings impact on the earth through the use of products that have a combination of green factors.

Contrary to what many think about green products, there are wide variations of what is considered green. Products can fit any one or a combination of the following factors:

Made out of recycled content, therefore reducing landfill waste.
Of a sustainable resource therefore will not deplete what will take hundreds to millions of years to re-create.
Throughout its lifecycle (“cradle to grave”) the product has a low impact on the earth and/or is non-toxic, therefore is a healthier alternative. Some products are only low impact or non-toxic in one or two stages of its cycle.
A natural material which restores the electrostatic balance (increases negative ions that have positive health effects) in a room. Wood flooring and organic rugs are two examples that would fit this definition.
A local resource that cuts down on greenhouse gas created by transportation.

Determining the best products to fit the aesthetic, budgetary and green needs are some of the challenges the team had to balance in creating this environment. In addition to considering what materials to incorporate, the team had to consider what materials would remain. With any green renovation project there is a balance between getting the most life out of the current material and replacing it with more earth-friendly products.

“It isn’t very “green’ to tear everything out and dump it in a landfill,” says Maureen. So green renovation has many educated decisions that must be considered carefully, including budget and product availability.

Going green wasn’t an easy decision, but owners, like Phyllis & Ron have several reasons to move to a more earth-friendly business:
(1) Concern about the environment
(2) Concern about the health and wellness of their clients
(3) Concern about doing their part

How Arame has transformed their business into a Green Feng Shui environment:
· Sustainable building products
· Botanically-based Aveda product line
· Holistic Business Practices
· Community Support