'Are You An Intelligent Massage Therapist?' e-Book Now Available, MASSAGE MagazineEvery massage therapist is inherently intelligent, as the profession is giving and potentially profitable. Yet, so many in the profession wear out too soon, leaving the career within a few years of graduating.

 Working at a day spa allows for a good income and a great work environment. When you are working at a beautiful spa, you are part of the tranquil environment the spa wants to achieve. This is the perfect way for you to work in the field you love, and be able to keep up with the physical and emotional demands of being a massage therapist. The longer you can stay in the profession, the more people you can care for.

Are You An Intelligent Massage Therapist? Then You Need To Be Massaging At A Luxury Day Spa, by Heather Leigh, will show you step by step how to get into a luxury day spa, rebook with clients and achieve greater gratuity. From the student to the long-time bodyworker, you can discover how to be the best in this field of wellness.

Therapists who have been in the industry for years often want an easier way to make more money and serve more people. Washing your own sheets, buying the oil, scheduling, marketing, even hauling around your own massage table can wear you out. Now may be the time to make the move toward the luxury spa. Even if you are the best in your own practice, the high-end spas are a different ball game. Use this book to find out how to make the transition smooth and easy.

Leigh lives in San Diego, California, and is the mother of two boys, two cats and a spoiled Australian Shepherd. She worked as a massage therapist for 10 years, with most of those years spent in luxury day spas. For this and other books she has written, visit HeatherLeighAuthor.blogspot.

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