Laguna Beach, CA, May 06, 2009 ( via COMTEX) — Designed by Kendra Grace, a Brazilian born Artisan Perfumer and Jewelry Designer with more than twenty years of experience in aromatherapy, Aromajewels are miniature diffusers of perfume that hold a drop of fragrance deep inside the gem and allows for a “time release” evaporation effect that envelopes the user in an unforgettable scent.

Grace, for two decades, has been a passionate researcher of the therapeutic effects that scent has in the brain. In this new and exclusive 18K Gold Designer Line as well as all her pieces, she uses natural essential oil perfumes diluted in a liquid wax from a desert plant, jojoba, to create a synergy with her chosen gemstones: aquamarines, morganites, emerald, amethyst, citrine, rutilated quartz, tourmalines, chrysoprase, garnets, chrysocola, topaz, peridot, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, among others.

The use of an exquisite blend of essential oils and perfumes created by Grace makes this jewelry a unique therapeutic tool that helps reduce everyday life stress and promote health and wellness. As one stops to inhale this delightful fragrance, the mind takes a break from all the never ending thoughts as the natural and therapeutic aromatic molecules penetrate the body through the sense of smell, affecting the central nervous system causing the effect of tranquilizing or energizing.

“The therapeutic calming and stimulating quality of essential oils is qualified and magnified by the properties of crystals and gemstones,” said Grace.

Aromajewels perfumes are made with pure essential oils and flower extracts aimed at calming, energizing and uplifting body, mind and soul.

The natural synergy of the plant and mineral precious elements presents a new dimension in jewelry called AromaJewels made with unique stones weighing between 15 and 50 carats.

Grace invented the jewelry line AromaJewels in the late eighties and continues to establish a classic by combining two mediums as she creates this new dimension in jewelry.

The Aromajewels complete line of jewelry and fragrances can be found at, or by calling 949-376-6312.