We are all aware of how various aromas impact our thoughts, feelings and especially our memory. Take, for example, the thoughts, feelings and memories aroused by the aroma of fresh baked bread, the scent of flowers in the garden, the aroma of honey suckle, the aroma of pine trees in the woods, lemons and an infinite variety of other aromas. In fact, aromas impact us physically by making our mouths water, our bodies relax and even the way we move our bodies without conscious thought. Given these effects of aromas, it would only be reasonable that we would intentionally use certain aromas to produce the pleasant and beneficial thoughts and feelings that we are seeking. The practice of doing this very thing with the aromas from essential oils distilled from flowering and other plants as well as herbs has come to be known as aromatherapy.

The history of aromatherapy dates back over 6,000 years ago with the Egyptians. They and we have used fragrances and aromas through the centuries to acquire emotional and physical health benefits from the essentials oils of plants and herbs. Aromatherapy uses natural essential oils distilled from plants and herbs, in contrast to the many chemical, synthetic substances used to scent many of the products we use today. Chemically based, synthetic aromas can produce many undesirable effects on our physical and emotional health. This makes it very important that we use aromas and fragrances that are distilled from natural sources.

Those of us familiar with all natural essential oil-based aromatherapy products think most often of aromatherapy in the forms of lotions, soaps, bath salts and massage oils. Many of us are finding the value of using natural essential aromatherapy oils in the form of candles. Aromatherapy candles produce a flow of aromas from natural essential oils from herbs and plants into the air as the heat from the candle flame warms the essential oils contained in the candle. As we breathe in the air, the aromas from the essential oils produced by the heat of the candles flows through our bodies and our brains, allowing our minds and bodies to receive the health benefits of the aromas. Aromatherapy candles relieve stress, enhance concentration, relax our bodies, calms our moods, help us gain rest and renew, increasing our physical energy and creating a warm visual atmosphere as we enjoy our primal, innate attraction to the warmth and light of fire.

Some of the fragrances that help us relieve stress and experience emotional balance are lavender, chamomile, rose and others. Lemon, orange grapefruit or bergamot fragrances help enchance our concentration. Peppermint, cinnamon, vanilla and rosemary help us revitalize our bodies and gain extra energy.

Another important factor for us to consider is the material of the candle itself that contains the essential aromatherapy oils that we desire. There is a great advantage in using candles made from soy, a natural plant product, rather than candles made from paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is an petroleum product. Paraffin wax releases toxins into the air when they are burned. Paraffin wax produces unhealthy carcinogens that we remain in our lungs after we breathe them. Also natural cotton wicks burn clean without releasing smoke into the air we breathe. These toxins from paraffin wax also negate the benefits we are trying to receive from natural essential aromatherapy oils. Soy is also a renewable resource and is not imported as are petroleum based products. Aromatherapy candles made from soybean wax can be produced in this country and therefore, provide us some financial savings i.e. they are less expensive. Soybean wax candles also last twice and long as candles made from paraffin wax. Soybean wax is also more easily cleaned up with warm water and soap should a soy candle accidentally be dropped or tipped over. Paraffin wax is almost impossible to remove without professional cleaning.

There are some social advantages to using aromatherapy delivered in the form of aromatherapy candles. Aromatherapy benefits can be easily delivered to everyone in a group gathering or social event. Aromatherapy candles add an extra benefit of warmth, light and visual pleasure with glowing flame. Aromatherapy candles provide a wonderful aroma for the whole room that everyone can enjoy. In addition to providing aromatherapy in a very convenient form, aromatherapy candles make great gifts to express caring, appreciation and gratitude as well as delivering emotional and physical health benefits for those who receive aromatherapy candles as a gift.