Despite the bad economy, Chi Activate made a new record during Mother’s Day sale. The most popular gift is still the aromatherapy diffuser. Instead of buying flowers and chocolates, consumers are looking looking for a practical and long lasting gift for Mother’s Day.

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) May 06, 2009 – With Mother’s Day approaching in less than one week, our biggest selling product so far is the Aromatherapy Diffuser. Consumers have less disposable income in our present economy so finding a practical gift at a reasonable price is very important. People are cutting back their spending on flowers and chocolates because these items have not decreased in price. Consumers are looking for a practical and long lasting gift for Mother’s Day.

ChiActivate’s Aromatherapy diffuser uses a heat-free diffusion method to break up essential oil molecules into the air, while enhancing oil’s biological effects.
Using the diffuser is easy; simply add a few drops of essential oil into the aromatherapy diffuser filled with water and turn the button on.

The aromatherapy diffuser is safer than an oil burner because it doesn’t use heat or flames. With the traditional candle burners, consumers must keep an eye on the burning flames or check to see if the oil has been depleted. The new Aromatherapy Diffuser automatically stops diffusing once the water level has reached the minimum level.

Consumers also save money by using essential oils, because with only 5 drops of oil, they can enjoy three to four hours of fragrance. The candle burner on the other hand depletes much faster. Most people find the Aromatherapy Diffuser to be more cost effective and practical.

With unstable employment and tight budgets, people cannot afford to spend a lot on Mother’s Day Gifts anymore. The aromatherapy diffuser is below $100 and is an easy way to make mother’s happy. To celebrate Mother’s Day, is giving away lavender essential oils for the first 30 aromatherapy diffuser customers.

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