Two professionals are collaborating to promote the valuable benefits of aromatherapy to the medical and dental fields.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) March 9, 2009 — The Aromatic Office and Dr. James “Tad” Geiger, also known as the oilMD, recently collaborated to further promote the valuable benefits of aromatherapy to the medical/dental community for increased patient satisfaction.

The Aromatic Office is an aromatherapy company that provides the medical and dental industries ambient scents and aromatherapeutic products for relaxation to the senses – enhancing the business atmosphere. Their products provide pleasant memory association.    

Dental offices are utilizing their signature aromatherapy diffusion oil blends like, Anxiety, Calming, or Comforting ($13) to help create a pleasant and memorable experience. Find them at

Aromatherapy diffusion in these settings helps patients to feel calm and relaxed during procedures – increasing patient satisfaction. Staff also enjoys working in an aroma-filled atmosphere.

Dr. Geiger, an anesthesiologist and clinical aromatherapist, treats patients with his therapeutic GingerMD aromatherapy roll-on treatment before and after surgery to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting. Find it at

Geiger claims aromatherapy can save money for doctors and dentists and their patients. “With healthcare costs rising, aromatherapy is an excellent complementary medicine. It’s safe, affordable and has no side effects as compared to other medicines.”

Jennifer Ioppolo, founder of The Aromatic Office states, “It is significant and exciting to have Dr. Geiger’s medical expertise and involvement in bridging the gap between conventional medicine and aromatherapy. His knowledge in integrating the two has put a solid foundation in place for the future.”

Together, these two professionals are working together to further the cause and showcase the valuable benefits aromatherapy has to offer to the medical and dental fields.

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