, founded by aromatherapy expert, George Key, was developed to offer the public a free crash course on aromatherapy. Key, a Greek Isles native, has explored the many uses and benefits of the practice. provides readers a balanced look at aromatherapy and aromatherapy benefits.

George Key has spent much of this time researching, discovering and sharing the numerous and varied aromatherapy benefits at Individuals can find aromatherapy recipes, information about aromatherapy candles and various aromatherapy benefits can be. “ is a great place to get information about the different ailments that aromatherapy can be used for. It’s good place for people to get information about alterative treatments. Not everything needs to be treated with traditional medicine. It’s really easy to lose track of time when you’re on the website because there is so much information” writes one reader.

George Key is a studied individual who believes that aromatherapy is an effective and reliable way to treat many of the common ailments that affect this modern generation. He has created a web portal,, where people can research aromatherapy, its’ benefits and uses, safely and knowledgeably. Aromatherapy is believed by many, to be able to safely help cure and treat various skin problems, relieve stress and promote natural healing.

Aromatherapy offers a drug free alternative to many common and chronic conditions. It involves the use of essential oils found in plants and fruits to treat ailments such as skin conditions, stomach problems and perhaps most notably, stress. It can be used in massage, in a warm bath and even inhaled.
It is important to get proper and correct information. Aromatherapy can be used effectively and safely.

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