Arthritis costs the U.S. as much as $128 billion annually, and arthritis is a common disability—and as the population both ages and becomes heavier, experts anticipate arthritis rates will grow as well. Today Massage Envy, a franchise massage company, announced a new partnership with the Arthritis Foundation.

Research has found that massage therapy alleviates the pain and stiffness associated with knee arthritis and also reduces hand arthritis pain while increasing grip strength.

Massage Envy will serve as a national sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation’s 200 Arthritis Walk events and host a special fundraising event on World Arthritis Day, October 12, 2011 to raise funds and awareness for the organization.

Massage Envy employs more than 16,000 massage therapists who provide more than 250,000 massages every week.

The Arthritis Walk is the Arthritis Foundation’s annual nationwide event that encourages movement for the treatment and prevention of arthritis.

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