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The spa industry has much look to forward to in 2023. With 2022 in the rearview mirror, we can appreciate the spa trends that will make it into the new year while saying farewell to the fads. Here are five spa trends on the 2023 horizon.

1. Spa Trend: Self-Care

With over 70 million hashtags worldwide, #selfcare consistently remains one of the top concerns as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Inside the spa industry, we predict that massages and self-care services among consumers will reach an all-time high in 2023. But what differentiates last year’s consumer from this year’s consumer? The answer is a desire for more.

Coming off the self-care boom of 2022, consumers want to expand beyond monthly massages. They are looking for numerous ways to step up their spa game by energizing their minds and bodies. I believe what’s coming in 2023 is sure to fulfill this desire within consumers.

In 2023, we are expecting to see spa treatments switch from a luxury to a necessity. The mind of the consumer is shifting from viewing a massage as a treat to spoil themselves, to something their body needs to release stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This perspective first began with consumers in 2022 as spa visits were on the rise. The increase in the popularity of massages and facials was initially embraced with the mindset of “Wow, this is really relaxing! I want to enjoy this hour of feeling great more often.” Yes, clients should enjoy massages and facials and they are relaxing, but there is more to them than relaxation.

We are noticing that consumers are catching on to the fact that regular massages and facials maximize the health potential of their bodies. Before this mental shift of wellness as a requirement, it was typical to see people neglecting their body’s needs. In 2023, consumers will come to realize the importance of spa treatments now that self-care s widely discussed and more accessible.

2. Spa Trend: Gen Z

As we enter a new year, a new demographic has emerged as trendsetters for the spa scene. The upper ages of Gen Z, ages 13 to 28, have their own money to spend on themselves and have placed a high priority on health and wellness. Research shows that the Gen Z consumer is the demographic most interested in self-care and spa visits to date.

We expect to see this generation continue to raise the demand of the wellness industry more than ever this coming year. Because of increased demand from the Gen Z audience, the spa industry is gearing up with services that will captivate these young consumers.

3. Spa Trend: Gua Sha & Ice Globe Facials

One example of the trending wellness services that we will see more of in 2023 is lymphatic-draining gua sha facial massages. Gen Z consumers have sparked a gua sha craze recently and these sculpting tools have been flying off the shelves.

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice where a facial tool is used to scrape the skin with light pressure in order to promote drainage and light petechiae. We usually see this as a self-practice, but this year I believe several spas will add this service to their menus.

I also foresee an interest in adding ice globe treatments on top of a mask. Ice globes are chilled facial tools that provide similar benefits to the gua sha facials. These chilled globes drive product penetration further while stimulating blood flow.

4. Spa Trend: Crystal Therapy

Another spa trend for 2023 that we can thank Gen Z for is the use of crystal therapy. We have seen tons of spas drawing in this younger crowd with the implementation of crystals.

Crystal mats comprises therapeutic benefits and act as a sort of heated body wrap. These mats provide tremendous relaxing benefits while clients simply lie on them.

5. Spa Trend: Stretch Therapy

The rising popularity of stretch therapy will have a major impact on the health-and-wellness field in 2023. In the spa industry we usually experience stretch therapy with athletes or exercise fanatics, but in the past few years people have been more tense than ever.

Therefore, stretch therapy will play a major role in spa trends for 2023 and will be more easily accessible as spas begin adding this service to their menus.

Spa Trends in 2023

As innovations are moving fast in the wellness industry, we will see these five trends underway throughout 2023.

Lisa Rossmann

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Lisa Rossmann serves as Senior Vice President of Service and Product at Hand & Stone Franchise Corporation, which has 540 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Rossmann is driven by Hand & Stone’s mission to provide high-quality and affordable massage and facial services as part of a healthy lifestyle.