Getting feedback from friends, family members and long-term clients can be a wonderful way for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers to stay in tune with what works best in daily practice. This can be applied to everything from the comfort of the massage table and linens to your preferred session music and lighting level.

Another aspect of your daily practice where feedback can prove valuable involves the kind of massage cream you use. You may have a favorite massage cream, but that does not mean that it is the best possible massage cream as far as others are concerned. By taking the time to get feedback on your current massage cream, you can figure out what might be working—and what might be lacking.

Before you can gather input on your massage cream, you need to determine the right people to ask. Obviously, you do not want your clients to feel like they are test subjects for a massage cream. When it comes to asking clients for feedback, you may want to go to those clients who have been coming to you for quite some time. You should be able to think of at least one or two who would give direct and honest feedback about the massage cream.

Also, do not forget to include your own friends and family members in this information-gathering process. After all, these people should be able to be quite honest with you about what they do or do not like about the massage cream. If possible, consider seeking feedback from fellow practitioners as well, as they may be able to provide a different level of insight into the quality of the massage cream.

Once you have identified the people you would like to ask for opinions about your massage cream, the next step will be to figure out what you would like to know. One key question to ask might be whether they like the smell of the massage cream you are using. If you currently use an unscented massage cream, ask if the person would perhaps prefer a scent, and if so, what type. You can also ask them if they would enjoy being given a choice between scented and unscented massage creams when they come in for a session.

Another important question to ask will be what they think about the way the massage cream feels. You may want to ask them if it ever feels too heavy on their skin, or if it ever feels like there is not enough massage cream and the skin is being pinched or pulled. Be sure to ask whether there are certain properties they sometimes wish the massage cream possessed, such as extra hydration for their skin or a pain-relieving ingredient for those sessions where they come in with painfully aching muscles.

Equipped with such detailed input from trusted sources, you may find out your current massage cream is still a favorite, but that you would also like to keep a few other kinds of massage cream on hand, in order to meet the needs of individual clients.