Essential Oil Air Fresheners Replace Synthetic Fragrances
URBANA, IOWA (May 19, 2009) — Scents are all around us, but as consumers become more aware of the negative effects of synthetic fragrances, they are more closely scrutinizing the ingredients in their home fragrance products. There has not been an all-natural plug-in air freshener available…until now.
Aura Cacia is introducing a line of new electric aromatherapy air fresheners for home and office, using only 100 percent pure essential oils to provide fragrance. The full ingredient deck on the packaging–not always provided on scented products–assures consumers that only natural ingredients are used for fragrance. Aura Cacia’s Electric Aromatherapy Air Fresheners provide an aromatic and aesthetically pleasing way to refresh indoor air with natural scents derived from 100 percent pure essential oils.
“People are becoming more sensitive to synthetic fragrances and are looking for natural alternative scents for their homes, as well as products that fit their scent preferences and design style,” says Jane Merten, Senior Brand Manager at Aura Cacia. “The 100 percent pure essential oils used in our sleek, attractive diffusers provide aromatherapy benefits to help create a special atmosphere that’s unique to each freshener.”
The air freshener is available in four appealing aromas. Relaxing Lavender is reminiscent of a Ukrainian meadow of flowering lavender stems. It creates a soothing environment for relaxation in the bedroom or living room.
Refreshing Lime & Grapefruit evokes the crisp scent of Mexican lime trees swaying in the breeze. (You can almost hear the thump of the falling ripe fruit.) Use this aroma in your bathroom or living room to create a fresh, inviting environment for your family and guests.
When you inhale Uplifting Bergamot & Orange, you can experience the energizing aroma of Italian bergamot oranges on a sunny afternoon. Use this aroma to create an uplifting home or office environment when you need a boost.
Comforting Spices & Clove lets you experience the intoxicating scent of clove trees from the lush Islands of Indonesia. Use this essential oil air freshener in your kitchen or living room to create a warm, spicy environment.
The premium quality of natural essential oils might suggest a premium price, but Aura Cacia’s Electric Aromatherapy Air Fresheners are very affordably priced. The initial purchase, which includes both the essential oil blend and the heating unit, retails for $14.99. The refill units are interchangeable with the electric diffuser and retail for $6.99. All items are available on the Aura Cacia website at or any natural retailer that carries Aura Cacia products.