Auromère, America’s premium line of Ayurvedic body-care products, announces the introduction of its new flower greeting cards and calendars, a specialty item imported from India. Ideal for any gift occasion, the cards and calendars are exquisitely photographed and represent an incredible collection of work.

According to Dakshina Vanzetti, president of Auromere, “These lovely cards are the result of a non-profit collaborative project to touch the souls of people of all walks of life with the extraordinary beauty of flowers and their uplifting, soothing vibrations.”

The new line includes:

  • Flower Cards in three beautiful collections: Flowers for the Soul, Roses for the Soul and Gardens for the Soul. Each series contains 12 cards of breathtakingly beautiful floral portraits and close-ups that transport one into the sublime and spiritually charged world of flowers. Each card presents the spiritual significance, botanical name, common English terminology and inside, a soul-stirring quote about flowers. The artfully photographed botanical is watermarked on the back cover of the card and on the inside of the card, providing a lovely backdrop in which to write a special message. All cards are suitable for framing (5 inches by 7 inches) and are packaged in a translucent vellum envelope that allows the exquisiteness of the card to show through. An attractive countertop spinner rack is available for merchandising the product.
  • Floral Mini Calendars in three styles: Flowers for the Soul, Roses for the Soul and Gardens for the Soul. Each calendar contains four breathtakingly beautiful floral portraits that transport one into the sublime and spiritually charged world of flowers and gardens. Each photo features the spiritual significance of the flower. The calendars are suitable for wall hanging and fold up to a size of 5 inches by 7 inches–the same size as the greeting cards, making a great gift set. The full size of the calendar when opened is 7 inches by 10 inches.

Flower Card Prepacks are available for purchase and come with an attractive countertop spinner rack for merchandising the cards.

Auromère was one of the first importers of Ayurvedic products from India to the U.S. The company offers herbal toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, massage oil, lotion, shampoo, incense, as well as books and other gift products. Auromère works closely with all its suppliers to ensure quality, purity and efficacy. The company never tests on animals and carries the Beauty Without Cruelty seal of approval. Products are available at finer health-food stores, gift stores, spas, pharmacies and other retail outlets in the U.S. as well as online at One hundred percent of profits are donated to nonprofit integral yoga communities and projects in the U.S. and India. Contact (800) 735-4691 or