Australasian College of Health Sciences receives accreditation for unique Masters degree program in Complementary Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR – Australasian College of Health Sciences (ACHS), is delighted to announce that on June 11, 2008 it received accreditation to offer and confer the Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (MSCAM) degree to qualified candidates.
This follows earlier Oregon Office of Degree Authorization approval to offer and confer this graduate degree program.
The program is the first and only degree of its kind in the United States, and represents a watershed for the Complementary Alternative Medicine industry. ACHS will also continue to offer individual courses, certificate and diploma programs for career training, and personal health and wellness.
Founded in 1978, in Auckland New Zealand, ACHS moved to Oregon in 1991. ACHS’s flexible online programs, highly qualified faculty, diverse student body, and commitment to exceptional online education make ACHS the perfect choice for exceptional holistic health training. Programs are accredited and recognized throughout the holistic medicine community. The College Web site,, is a rich source of information.
Degree programs are available entirely online using ACHS’s easy to use and sophisticated online courses, which blend text resources, lab materials, and online interactive materials.
Courses include extensive library resources, including access to full text online journals.
Oregon Health Sciences University is providing inter-loan library services for Graduate students. All courses are instructor led by ACHS’s experienced faculty and reviewed by ACHS’s prestigious Advisory Board. The degree programs and courses follow the guidelines of industry bodies and the DETC Accrediting board.
ACHS President Dorene Petersen commented: “The review and approval process has been an extensive one, and we’re delighted with the results. This achievement is a big move forward for the holistic health industry, and will allow existing health care professionals to move towards an increasingly common goal of integrated health care. For existing health care providers, our Graduate program provides a comprehensive scholarly approach to CAM that will enable them to understand and integrate CAM techniques and providers into the integrative health care team.
Courses cover such issues as potential
contraindications, and the latest research on efficacy of a wide range of modalities, including herbal dietary supplements and aromatherapy. The ultimate beneficiary will be the consumer of health care.”
Senior Vice President Erika Yigzaw added: “We are delighted with the outcomes of the review process, which highlight why our student satisfaction ratings are consistently over 95% and our completion rates are over 90%.” As part of the review process, ACHS courses are sent out to an anonymous qualified subject specialist reviewer, and the new graduate courses received all “A” ratings, with such reviewer comments as:
“The instructions to students found in this program are excellent. They include ample orientation to independent and online learning including supports all along the way as well as clear instructions at almost every click of the mouse … These courses also include many innovative ways to support learning, these include discussion boards, journaling, web based animations, videos, drills, games, flash cards and crossword puzzles that all serve to reinforce vocabulary and terminologyŠThe seven courses in this degree program that were reviewed include many excellent printed resources and lots of electronic resources. These electronic resources include PowerPoint presentations, links to animations, audio recordings, video recordings, hundreds of web pages with superior content and an enormous electronic library resource. This program should be used as an example of best practices in distance education when it comes to electronic resources designed to support distance education. Absolutely superior.”
Dorene Petersen concluded by adding, “The new degree programs will be an important part of ACHS’s mission and will greatly extend the College’s reach and reputation. More than five years ago, ACHS began moving towards degree granting status. Many individuals have contributed to this achievement, particularly ACHS academic and administrative staff, our Advisory Board, and our Faculty. They deserve a round of applause. We would also like to thank the staff at Oregon Health Sciences University and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine for their help and support. It is wonderful to be involved in such a collaborative effort, with the ultimate goal to benefit students and the industry.”
Admission to the Graduate degree programs is available to qualified applicants who hold a Bachelor degree from an accredited institution only and all applicants must be recommended for admission following an admissions interview, which can be conducted by phone or on campus.
Visit or call 800-487-8839 for more information.
For more information, contact Erika Yigzaw, Senior Vice President at 503 244 0726 or