The president of a prominent U.S. massage-research foundation spoke at the launch of the Australian Massage Research Foundation (AMRF) on May 17 in Adelaide, Australia.

Diana Thompson, president of the Massage Therapy Foundation, said in her presentation at the Australian Association of Massage Therapists’ fourth national conference, ‘“Monitoring complementary medicine research activity provides important background information to inform national policy development. With the sharing of ongoing research activities both nationally and internationally, it is imperative that Australia has sustained investment in this area.”

The AMRF will contribute to the growing body of research into the health benefits of massage therapy, with positive implications for public health in Australia, according to an AMRE press release.

Association President Paula Nutting said, “The launch of the AMRF is an exciting time in the massage industry history. We believe that research, both evidence based and empirical, is paramount.

“We have the resources to correlate some very powerful evidence-based research and within the next two years, we aim to generate significant data that can be used on a global scale,” she continued. “Working collegially with the American and Canadian Research Foundations we can establish greater credibility for the industry as a whole.”