Avoid Autopilot by Purchasing New Massage Creams, MASSAGE MagazineWhen a person performs the same or similar tasks day in and day out, week after week, he or she runs the risk of becoming almost robotic in those actions—on autopilot, so to speak. This is a real danger for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers, whose work often requires them to provide a grounded presence for each client who walks into the session room.

Therefore, it is vital for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers to remain vigilant about not becoming rote in their daily work. Even though we all mentally drift off from time to time, even during our workdays, it is crucial this does not become a habit, simply because we are so used to what we do each day. In fact, one way to prevent the dreaded autopilot mode is to shake up your daily routine, so you are no longer doing exactly what you are so used to doing each day.

A simple and effective method of shaking things up for the professional massage therapist or bodyworker is to put a new twist on session work by using different massage creams. For those practitioners who have not thought about their choice of massage cream in a long time, this can be especially effective. Instead of continuing to order the same massage cream repeatedly, you can begin to look around at what other massage creams you might bring on board in your practice to shake up the daily routine.

Not only does stocking your session room cabinet with other massage creams offer the opportunity to shake things up, but it also can give you the inspiration you need to spice up and refresh your practice menu. By building session themes around the various high-quality massage creams you choose to purchase, you can come up with a few new options for your clients. In turn, these options and the new massage creams may even be able to better meet the individual needs of your clients.

For example, if you are able to find a high-quality massage cream that offers fast and effective relief from acute aches and pains in the muscles and joints, then you may be inspired to build a custom pain-relieving session around that massage cream. When you add this new service to your practice menu, you can describe how the massage cream, coupled with your hands-on techniques, can alleviate even the most tender muscles and joints.

For the client who is perusing your website or paper practice menu, seeing this option could be quite appealing if he or she is experiencing those painfully tender muscles and joints at the moment. Other examples can include massage sessions built around aromatherapy massage creams, organic and all-natural massage creams, extreme hydration massage creams and so on.

As you bring one or more new massage creams on board at your practice, and brainstorming about the best ways to make use of these massage creams in the session room, chances are you will be far from autopilot mode, which is a good thing for you as well as your clients.