2009-07-22 07:32:51 – The Ayurveda B2B marketplace launches its website with all new categories for sustaining and promoting good health, beauty and holistic treatment.

Noida- Ayurveda-herbal-remedy.com has launched various new channels in its website at www.ayurveda-herbal-remedy.com/ for taking forward its mission to make herbal and Ayurvedic remedies available at the click of mouse. The website has dedicated full sections to each segment of the population- men, women, and children apart from including the other Ayurvedic therapies for wellness such as massages, diets, herbal and home remedies.

Men’s Health: A whole section has been dedicated to men’s health covering a wide range of topics, from fitness, health, nutrition, weight-loss, muscle building, sexual health to such issues as impotence and erectile dysfunction. It helps men in bringing a few simple lifestyle changes in natural ways for addressing their health concerns leading to over all fitness and healthier relationships.

Women’s Health: Respecting the awareness among the women about their health, the website has dedicated a full section to them covering each and every health concern of women such as menstrual cycles, sexual issues and reproductive disorders. The website answers all the health questions for optimum women’s health and fitness by offering advice on fitness, weight loss, beauty, nutrition, and much more.

Child Care: By understanding the requirement for natural and healthy growth of children, the website dedicates a whole section to child care by addressing such issues that are faced everyday by the parents including constipation, cough and cold, worm infestation etc. The website provides herbal and home remedies for total health care of children.

Ayurvedic Massages: Understanding the significance of massages in Ayurveda for overall wellness, the website clarifies the difference between an Ayurveda massage and a regular massage by giving an insight into its massage techniques for providing relaxation, circulation and detoxification.

Ayurvedic Diets: Ayurveda advocates specifically tailored diet for each individual according to his/her constitutional type. The whole section dedicated to Ayurvedic diets not only explains what foods are essential for each body type but also gives ayurvedic recipes for bringing the ancient Indian healthy way of cooking magic right at the dinner table of whole world.

Weight Loss: To handle the growing menace of weight related problems, the website dedicates a whole section to natural ways for losing weight through ayurvedic diets, healthy cooking and other ayurvedic therapies.

Not only the website provides answers to nutritional, fitness, and other health related concerns but also includes insightful articles, tips and other information on various subjects like beauty care, cosmetology, herbal products, Indian herbs and much more.