Ayurvedic Tips for Autumn, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipIt’s a good time of year to soothe the ether/air elements (vata) within the body.

1. Self-Massage: You can do this by giving yourself a daily warm oil massage just before you jump in the shower or before a relaxing bath (yes, before).  Add grounding essential oils to your massage oil (i.e., amber, jasmine, myrrh, basil, sage or cinnamon).

2. Diet: Choose to eat sweet potatoes, other root veggies and warm, moist foods. Sip warm ginger/licorice tea throughout the day. Using fresh ginger root as opposed to dry ginger powder or tea bags is less likely to aggravate systemic inflammations (pitta). Ginger and licorice have a scraping action in the body called lachan in Sanskrit. These herbs will help enkindle agni (digestive fire) and scrape off (melt) toxins and fat systemically.

3. Stretch: Do yoga asanas on the floor, keeping as much of your body in contact with the floor as possible. Concentrate on increasing flexibility in the hips, legs and lower back (sites of vata). Remember, the corpse pose is the most important of all, no matter how rushed you are.

4. Self-Care: Focus on keeping your jaw still, talking less and listening more. Get to bed by 10 p.m. Get some “hug therapy” from a loved one. Eat your meals at regularly scheduled times of the day, and meditate for at least 20 minutes, twice per day. Get as much sunshine and fresh air as possible. Don’t consume cold drinks with meals, or ever, unless you are very hot.

5. Speak the sweet truth always. Focus on what you want to create in your life as opposed to what you don’t have. Don’t buy into the media’s economic fears; fear breeds more fear. Instead, send positive thoughts, light and prayers. Read uplifting, inspiring books and hang around people who make you laugh and feel good. Be grateful, joyful and see the good in everyone and everything. Don’t forget to sing and dance!

Karyn Chabot, Ayurvedic Tips for Autumn, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipKaryn Chabot graduated from Goddard College with her bachelor’s degree in alternative health in 1995. In 1997, she graduated and studied with Dr. Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S, at his school, The Ayurvedic Institute, in New Mexico. That same year, she also graduated from Universal Massage Therapeutics of New Mexico. During the past 23 years of working in the health industry, she became a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist and continuing-education provider for other massage therapists. In 1998, she became certified as a Ayur*Yoga Therapist, and later graduated from the Ayurveda-Yoga Institute of New York City. She then became certified as a master crystologist with the Taomchi Association of America, Reiki practitioner, certified Quantum Touch therapist and certified fitness trainer and nutritionist. She also holds certification as a Pancha Karma Therapist and Medical Thai Therapist. For more information, visit www.sacredstonehealing.com.