Everyone enjoys a vacation. And for couples expecting a baby, some special time together before the arrival of a child can be exceptionally important.

This pre-delivery holiday gives the couple time to spend on indulgent, romantic activities before the reality of parenthood sets in. In many cases, massage is one of the favorite perks of a baby-moon package.

Offer your services

Whether you own a practice, work in a group setting or have some other professional arrangement, you might want to take a look at hotels and resorts in your area that provide spa treatments. By offering your prenatal massage services to these venues, you could land a new opportunity or prompt facilities that don’t already provide special packages for expectant couples to consider the idea.

Molly McDaniel, director of public relations/associate director of sales and marketing for Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort in Soufriere, Saint Lucia, noted that approximately 40 percent of their guests use the spa at some point during their stay.

“While we do not offer specific baby-moon packages, we do have treatments specifically tailored to mothers-to-be that we are happy to book in advance of their stay or when they reach the resort,” she said. “Our therapists are specially trained and will only use oils and other products that are safe, but effective, for prenatal massage.”

Steven Smith, general manager at Brewery Gulch Inn in Mendocino, California, said his resort welcomes expectant parents. In 2014, out of 136 massages, 11 were given to moms-to-be. He added that the inn works with 15 area therapists who operate on a contract basis.

Tap an existing market

During tourist season, the spa at the White Elephant Hotel on Nantucket Island provides massage for approximately 300 couples. Last year, six couples booked specific “baby-moon” packages, according to Kelly Flynn, spa manager.

“We’ve been doing baby-moons for the last four years. Every year we try to come up with a different package that appeals to guests,” she says.

The therapists who give prenatal massage at the White Elephant are licensed in Massachusetts, have completed 650 hours of academic work and have knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

“Beyond that, any self-education and other courses makes the person more marketable,” Flynn added.

When the season begins mid-April, the spa will employ three massage therapists and increase staffing during the summer months, scaling back as autumn approaches.

All pregnant clients must fill out a detailed intake form and the massage rooms are equipped with bolsters and pillows to provide the utmost in comfort.

“Our spa is at the center of the hotel in a peaceful, relaxing area. Pregnancy massage is all about the mom. It makes her feel good and we cater to individual needs,” Flynn said.

Many states have luxury hotels or resort facilities that accommodate a range of guests. Whether or not these facilities operate year-round, therapists with the right qualifications who are interested in diversifying their practice might want to offer their specialized services in pregnancy massage. Such an opportunity could provide a chance to broaden your professional network, work in a deluxe environment and earn some extra cash in the process.