Brand-new, wall-mounted massage system

Backarc Products Inc. has announced the launch of the Backarc Pro, a patented wall-mounted back massage system that allows a user to independently self-administer a therapeutic or deep-tissue massage. The unique design mounts to the wall and is fully height adjustable, allowing clients to use the product in the standing position or seated on an exercise ball. Backarc Pro is designed ergonomically to contact the lumbar, middle back, neck and shoulder muscles all at once with its unique “arc” shape that mirrors the natural curve of the spine.

This device allows users to spend as much time as needed locating and isolating sore or tense muscles and applying pressure to achieve myofascial release. This product is ideal for people with chronic muscular pain in the neck and back and a great option for clients who benefit from deep-tissue treatment.

The product has also shown fantastic results in clinical settings when used by clients to warm-up before treatments. By relaxing and loosening neck and back muscles prior to treatment, the product saves valuable time and helps clients and therapists achieve better outcomes. Loosening guarded muscles and relaxing the back and neck allows a therapist to use less force, resulting in less pain, swelling and discomfort to the client.

Backarc Pro is the only wall-mounted device designed for self-massage, giving the product a unique market position with sales potential to not only the health industry, but to gyms, athletic facilities, workplaces and homes.

Backarc Pro will be available directly from the manufacturer or through distributors and select retailers for $189 (wholesale). The company is actively seeking distributors and retailers in the U.S. and internationally.

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