Evoking the therapeutic effects of the world’s best springs, the Wellness Shower® brings specialized minerals and water-enhancement properties from the Far East direct to your shower. The Wellness Shower is a revolutionary purification and water enhancement system, and effectively reduces harmful contaminants in water up to 99%, while introducing antioxidants and hydrating nutrients to protect and pamper simultaneously.

Created by Haru Naito, world champion swimmer, former coach of the Japanese Olympic swim team and consultant to the world’s most famous athletes, the Wellness Shower began with a focused interest in the effects of Northern Pakistan’s mountain spring waters on the health and aging of the nearby Hunza tribes. The remote waters of this mountain region were shown to hydrate the body faster, and contained natural antioxidants and unique mineral contents that not only eliminated impurities and bacteria, but also slowed the aging process.

Using his degree in physiology, Haru was able to reproduce the naturally antibacterial, hydrating and anti-aging effects of these mountain spring waters with the Wellness Shower, channeling nature’s powerful healing properties. The Wellness Shower utilizes state-of-the-art filtering technology, a patented magnetic treatment and rare Japanese volcanic minerals to deliver the best water on earth.

Water is first purified and then proceeds through the magnetic stage where reduced ions are generated to protect the skin from free radical attack and aid the body in repairing damaged skin and hair. This magnetic treatment is also responsible for increasing hydration by 115% over tap water, moisturizing your hair and skin without the residue of lotions. 

Water then passes through the proprietary Taicho and Bakuhan stone layers, rare volcanic minerals. The Taicho stone gives water natural bacteria-static and fungi-static properties, which help the body resist undesirable bacteria and fungus, and promotes a healthier, sanitized shower. The Bakuhan stone, which is the only mineral certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health to have natural medicinal properties, accelerates the healing of damaged skin (sun and burns), reduces inflammation and hydrates skin and hair.

The Wellness Shower is certified by NSF (formerly the National Sanitation Foundation) and is currently used and endorsed by the #1 Alternative Health Spa in the world, the Hippocrates Health Institute, to reduce signs of aging caused by free radical attacks on the skin and for intense hair and skin hydration. The Wellness Shower is also used exclusively by more than 100 Japanese hospitals to decrease bacteria and fungus growth in showers and to support the body’s repair of damaged skin.

The healing and pampering results of the Wellness Shower have been hailed throughout Japan for over a decade, and have just launched to the United States market.

For more information, please visit www.wellnessshower.com.