Balanced Fitness Includes Massage Therapy, MASSAGE MagazineAs much as we hear on the news that obesity is a growing epidemic, it could also be said that interest in the concept of fitness is growing as well. Whether this is in response to the obesity issue or simply a development that has come with our increased knowledge of what it means to be healthy, the interest in fitness seems to be here to stay.

Whether you are interested in fitness because you are looking to lose weight or because you want to be sure you are as healthy as possible from the inside out, true fitness usually needs to happen in a balanced way. In other words, if you make your entire life about fitness, you might lose some of the balance that is essential to all-around fitness in the first place.

One great way to bring balance into a fitness-focused life is by booking regular massage therapy appointments. A massage can be the perfect counter to a week filled with fitness, because massage therapy can help to alleviate the stress and strain placed on one’s body during a fitness routine. Instead of requiring intense activity, massage therapy allows a person to relax and recharge as the practitioner works to release any tension and strain within the body.

In a way, the balance massage therapy can bring into the life of a person who is committed to fitness could be viewed as an essential component of her fitness as well. After all, fitness is not just about how much weight you can lift, how fast you can run or how sleek or muscular your body may look; fitness is also about the health and resilience of your muscles and joints, your cardiovascular system and your mental state.

When it comes to these somewhat less tangible elements of fitness, massage therapy can be just as crucial as those hours logged in the gym or jogging on the trail. This is because massage therapy can help to repair the damage done to muscles and joints through vigorous fitness routines. By maintaining one’s muscle and joint health via regular massages, the risk for injury is thereby decreased.

Massage therapy also can help improve circulation and ease mental anxiety, two more of those less tangible elements of true fitness. So besides bringing a balance to the intense activity that composes most fitness routines, massage therapy should be viewed as just another aspect of the big picture of fitness, due to the fitness benefits it provides.

As the trend toward fitness continues to grow, keep in mind that too much of nearly anything can bring unwanted consequences. Avoid the stress and overuse injuries that can be associated with too much physical activity by booking regular massage sessions.