Base Marketing Themes on Massage Cream, MASSAGE MagazineIn tough economic times, it becomes apparent that many massage therapists and bodyworkers have to do more than ease the aches and pains of each client with their hands-on skills. These practitioners of healthy touch may also have to grapple with a skill that doesn’t come nearly as easily—marketing.

Fortunately, with a little time and energy, most massage therapists and bodyworkers should be able to come up with a few fairly simple ways to boost their bottom line through marketing. Here we’ll take a look at how one aspect of your daily practice can form the core of a marketing plan, and it’s perhaps an aspect you might not consider—massage cream.

It’s true: A detail as seemingly simple as the massage cream you use daily can be the center of all sorts of fun marketing plans that may draw in new clients and keep regulars coming back for more.

One great way to start your grassroots marketing plan is to begin brainstorming a few themes, which you could advertise on your massage menu, in your local media outlets and in any flyers you might hand out or mail to potential clients.

For example, with the holidays near, consider the theme of “Holiday Recharge,” aimed at people who tend to spread themselves too thin around the winter months. The weather in most places is cold during the holidays, so this particular bodywork session could boast hot rocks or heating pads, along with a cinnamon-scented massage cream or a cream that warms upon application to the skin.

Another possible theme, with massage cream serving as its springboard, could be something along like “Tropical Paradise” or “One-Hour Ocean Escape.” For these types of sessions, there are many massage creams on the market that would coincide perfectly well. For instance, with the “Tropical Paradise” theme, you might choose a massage cream infused with coconut oils or passion flower extracts. For the “One-Hour Ocean Escape,” you may want a massage cream that contains ingredients derived from sea plants.

Of course, there are other ways to embellish these themed bodywork sessions to ensure each client has a positive and unforgettable experience on your massage table. Think about the music you will play, any type of aromatherapy you might use, how you could integrate specific touch techniques to fit the theme and other such details.

An additional theme to consider might be the “All Organic Massage.” These days, going green seems to be all the rage—and for good reason. If you can find a way to market toward the eco-conscious portion of the population, you may attract plenty of new clients.

An “All Organic Massage” would, of course, make use of a massage cream that contains only organic ingredients, all of which should be processed in a planet-friendly way. Organic cotton linens, beeswax candles and other such details should be considered as well.