Be Aware of Your Alignment, by Karina Braun, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipSkeletal alignment uses the strength of the bones to help the body function correctly. You must learn to use the most efficient angle of alignment by stacking the joints, thus allowing your body weight to be transferred through skeletal support rather than from muscular support. The shoulder, elbow and wrist should line up and you should feel the support of your joints while you work.

An important tip for the wrists: Envision a zipper extending from the forearm to the palm. If the wrist goes into deviation, then the zipper will stick. It is a good idea to keep a straight line from the forearm to the fingers to reduce strain on the wrist joint.

Karina Braun, Be Aware of Your Alignment, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipKarina Braun wrote the innovative book, Creating Peace with Your Hands, which includes insightful strategies for self-care and injury prevention. For more information, visit