Even though the hands of the massage therapist or bodyworker are at the core of any successful practice, there is one thing that comes even closer to the client than those healing hands: massage cream. It is the lubricant that allows the massage therapist or bodyworker to do his or her work, gliding along the skin and muscles of each client, or stopping on certain spots for deeper work.

The fact that massage cream is being applied to your clients’ skin and absorbed throughout the massage or bodywork session, coupled with the fact that you as the practitioner are also working with this lubricant on your own skin, makes clear the importance of a high-quality product when it comes to your chosen massage cream.

If you take a few minutes to scan the online offerings of reputable manufacturers of massage cream, you will see that most of these companies understand quite well the importance of creating a massage cream you can feel good about using on yourself and your clients.

For many massage therapists and bodyworkers, well-being is a broad concept, and it includes using products, including massage creams, that do not include any ingredients that might cause harm or irritation. For a large number of practitioners of healthy touch, it is also important these products be manufactured in a manner that is planet friendly at every step of the process.

Such demand is reflected in many of the best massage creams you will find on the market today. For example, you should be able to locate a massage cream that contains no parabens and no other synthetic ingredients, including artificial fragrances. In addition, you should also be able to find massage creams that are made from all natural and organic ingredients, grown and processed in an eco-friendly manner.

Considering how close massage cream gets to your clients—as well as your own hands and often forearms—such factors may be relevant to your decision in purchasing a massage cream. Depending on your own preference and the style of your client base, you might also want to find a massage cream that contains no fragrance at all.

On the other hand, there are many massage therapists and bodyworkers who enjoy a massage cream that contains healing aromas. These practitioners may find their clients respond best to such products. If this is the case for you, it is still possible to get a natural and organic massage cream, without parabens or other synthetic substances.

If you would like to add an aromatherapy element to your sessions with a scented massage cream, simply look for those products that have been blended with high-quality, pure essential oils. You may even want to keep a small selection of these scented massage creams on hand, so your client can choose the aroma he or she would like to enjoy during and after the session.

Whatever your preference, find yourself a top-notch massage cream, and be confident in the lubricant you use in your daily practice.

–Brandi Schlossberg