One-of-a-kind prenatal program promises to boost business

CORTE MADERA, Calif. (August 4, 2011) – With nearly 16,000 pregnant women entering the market each day, the time is ripe for spas to cultivate the growing maternity spa market. Designed by prenatal health and wellness leader Barefoot & Pregnant in partnership with Mama Mio Skincare, Belly Friendly ( is a multilevel training and marketing program designed to make spas proficient in catering to expecting moms. Launching this fall, Belly Friendly staff will be at the Mama Mio booth at the ISPA Conference & Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 7 to 9, 2011.

A recent Barefoot & Pregnant survey* reinforces what spa owners and managers already know: an increasing number of pregnant women are visiting spas, and they expect the best when it comes to prenatal service. Nearly all moms (95 percent) surveyed said they would be more likely to visit a spa with specialized prenatal training over another spa. More than 60 percent of respondents received prenatal spa treatments during pregnancy; 38 percent booked two to three spa services throughout their pregnancy; and 28 percent booked four or more services. Of those surveyed, 30 percent brought friends and family to the spa for accompanying services. And, more than 60 percent of moms continue to visit the same spa post-pregnancy.

“Barefoot & Pregnant has been a leader in the prenatal spa community for nearly a decade,” says Stacy Denney, founder of Barefoot & Pregnant.  “Belly Friendly aims to make the unparalleled prenatal spa program more accessible to spas and clients nationwide.”

Belly Friendly sets spas apart. The backbone of Belly Friendly is spa-based training. Available 24/7, the one-of-a-kind training provides in-depth online education for all staff involved in the prenatal spa experience, from front desk personnel and management to therapists, alleviating common concerns surrounding staff turnover. Focusing on safety and the emotional and physical states of pregnancy, the training raises awareness for everything the client is experiencing, ensuring confidence in both therapist and client. The front desk staff will benefit from details on the common myths, etiquette and faux pas of pregnancies, while therapists will delve even deeper to explore the aches and pains associated with hormonal and musculoskeletal changes by trimester. 

Mama Mio Skincare products enhance the prenatal experience. Mama Mio Skincare set the industry standard for pregnancy retail, back bar and treatment protocols with their unique Mama’s Touch maternity spa program. Available at top spas worldwide, Mama Mio is known for their award-winning, “no nasties” products that help women achieve fit skin for life. The Belly Friendly program is supported by Mama Mio skincare products–varying by membership levels, partner spas may receive special product packages including retail, professional and in some cases, treatment protocols. Mama Mio skincare product packages are priced separately.

Belly Friendly provides the resources necessary to drive business. Once spas establish their specialized prenatal program, it is important to get the word out. Belly Friendly provides the brand recognition and marketing support necessary to drive business. For gold and platinum subscriptions, the program provides detailed training and marketing templates on how to find and acquire prenatal clients, from public relations and strategic partnerships to community outreach and events. Belly Friendly even offers professional, compelling collateral for spas to communicate participation in the Belly Friendly program.

Belly Friendly increases revenue. Belly Friendly offers increased spa revenue and a healthy return-on-investment (ROI) in a highly competitive market. Current spa partners realize a significant lift in overall spa revenue and experience a ROI as high as 82 percent. Pregnant clients often bring family and friends to the spa, and are known to remain long-term clients post-pregnancy. (The 82 percent ROI is based on a $3,600/year subscription rate and $20,000 in gross prenatal revenue.)

Belly Friendly is available by subscription:

  • Silver. Best for private practices or smaller day spas, the Silver package includes 24/7 access to online spa training; a Belly Friendly website listing; and some retail product support. The monthly fee is $100.
  • Gold. Perfect for medium to large day spas, this package includes 24/7 access to online spa training, marketing training and templates; a featured Belly Friendly website listing; advanced collateral materials; and professional and retail product support and training. The monthly fee is $200.
  • Platinum.  Ideal for large day spas or destination/resort spas, the platinum package includes 24/7 access to online spa training, marketing training and templates; a custom Belly Friendly web page; premium collateral materials; professional and retail product support, training and custom treatment protocols. Platinum spa partners also receive private consultation and support. The monthly subscription fee is $300.

Over the past decade, Barefoot & Pregnant ( has developed a reputation as one of the most respected and trusted names for information, wellness services and innovation among expecting women and their circle of influence. Likeminded in its commitment to providing the best to expecting moms, Mama Mio Skincare ( produces the number one prenatal skincare line. Mama Mio products and treatment programs are featured in top spas across the world.