A newly revised guide for teaching massage gives massage therapists everything they need to teach a seated, clothed massage class in their communities. Like every other business person, massage therapists need people to purchase their services. But massage is more intimate than many other services, so people often want to have some familiarity with a practitioner before they schedule an appointment. What that means is that massage therapists need to meet people if they want to market their businesses.

Teaching a massage class is way to meet potential clients that also creates an additional source of income. Taking a massage class is a fun, safe way for participants to get to know a massage therapist. At the same time they experience the great benefits of receiving massage, participants build rapport with the massage therapist teaching the class.

The Beginner’s Massage Presentation Planning Kit offers everything from steps to finding a location and advertising a class to full-color photos of each move that can be shown as a PowerPoint presentation or printed as handouts. Guiding principles of giving an excellent massage and body mechanics are woven into a script that features detailed hands-on instruction. Created by Natural Touch Marketing for the Healing Arts, the easy-to-teach massage class uses tables and chairs available anywhere for a worry-free presentation that side-steps both equipment headaches and modesty issues.

The Beginner’s Massage Presentation Planning Kit costs $79.95. Call Natural Touch Marketing at 800-754-9790 or visit our website to find out more.

Natural Touch Marketing for the Healing Arts provides professional marketing tools for massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, reflexologists and spa professionals.Natural Touch Marketing helps practitioners build relationships, share their knowledge, and show that they care. We offer the most complete and varied set of professional tools anywhere to help massage therapists reach out to clients and community — not by being sales people, but by being themselves. Available materials include client education brochures, client newsletters, gift certificates, postcards, presentation kits, and business cards.