NEW YORK – The Beljanski Wellness Center, opening in Manhattan in March 2009, announces the addition of Dr. Moshe Dekel, OB/GYN, to the center. Dr. Dekel is certified in holistic modalities of chelation, ultraviolet blood irradiation and ozone therapy. At the Beljanski Wellness Center, Dr. Dekel will provide medical consultations and oversee all medical treatments, including colonics, chelation, breast thermography, Quantum biofeedback, age management therapy, and bio-identical hormone placement therapy for both men and women.

Former Chief of Gynecological Surgery at the Long Island Surgi-Center, Dr. Dekel stopped performing surgeries and deliveries in 2000 to focus his efforts in helping patients achieve better health through holistic modalities, such as functional medicine, bio-identical hormones, nutritional counseling and nutritional supplementation.

At the Beljanski Wellness Center, the first wellness center in America focused entirely on an integrative approach to comprehensive detoxification, Dr. Dekel will focus on colonics and chelation therapies. Chelation therapy is the processes of removing heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic or mercury) from the body, after appropriate testing shows an increased total body burden of heavy metals.

Dr. Dekel will also be overseeing breast thermography, a diagnostic procedure he introduced to Long Island in 2003. Breast thermography is a non-invasive, non-compression or radiation procedure that uses highly specialized infrared cameras to measure the heat emanating from the breast to detect an increased risk for developing breast cancer.  In comparison to a mammogram, which may increase the risk of cancer due to breast compression and radiation, and can only detect cancer after it has already become dangerous, thermography can detect changes in heat patterns as many as 10 years before a cancerous tumor develops.  To date, Dr. Dekel is the only board-certified GYN offering this modality in the northeast United States.

Dr. Dekel will also be available for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and consultations to assess male health performance. Dr. Dekel utilizes functional medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy when appropriate for male health conditions such as “andropause.” Andropause, “male menopause,” or partial androgen deficiency in the aging male, causes a decline in sexuality, muscle mass, mood and overall energy. It can also sometimes expose men to more serious health risks. At the Beljanski Wellness Center, Dr. Dekel will provide consultations and treatment when appropriate.

Biofeedback, which uses the mind/body connection for therapeutic purposes to reduce anxiety, control blood pressure, combat chronic insomnia and fatigue, will also be available at the Beljanski Wellness Center. In 2006, Dr. Dekel was the first to introduce the “SCIO”, a computerized bio-feed back device designed to reduce stress, which has an important role in every disease process.

Additionally, Dr. Dekel will hold consultations to discuss age management therapies and nutrition. Dr. Dekel’s expertise in age management medicine stems from his investigation into a new approach that promotes the prevention and optimization of the hormones that control and regulate the human body and its health.

Dr. Dekel is known for his approach to healthy fat loss, which uses a state of the art Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine to ensure that weight loss is actually fat loss, rather than lean muscle loss.

During his 27 years in practice, in addition to serving as Chief of GYN Surgery at the Long Island Surgi-Center, Dr. Dekel was also the Medical Director of the Long Island Birthing Center and one of the founding members of MDNY, New York’s only doctor owned and operated HMO.

Dr. Dekel graduated at the top of his class at the Bologna University School of Medicine in Italy in 1974. He came to New York in 1975 and, after finishing his internship at the Long Island College Hospital and Residency at the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in Brooklyn, he started a private OB-GYN practice in Long Island. He served for two years as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the OB-GYN department of Stony Brook Hospital in Stony Brook, NY, where he trained in infertility under Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, one of the foremost authorities in in vitro fertilization in the world.

The Beljanski Wellness Center is America’s first wellness center focused entirely on an integrative approach to comprehensive detoxification for ultimate health and beauty. It is based on the breakthrough research of the late biochemist/biologist Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D., whose work in France led to discoveries regarding environmental toxins and their effect on DNA. Dr. Beljanski found that there is a change in the DNA of cells when in the presence of carcinogens and other pollutants, and that disease can be fought by targeting this damaged DNA, allowing cells with healthy DNA to thrive.

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