July 29, 2012. Bellabaci International has launched a unique range of homeopathic aromatherapy essential oils at the CosmoProf Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Keren Trabelsi, CEO of Bellabaci International, enthusiastically stated, “Homeopathic Aromatherapy is the unique combination of homeopathic ingredients and aromatherapy essential oils which synergize to create powerful, natural, pure energy treatment oils that enhance, revitalize and rebalance overall health and well-being. In my spa in Cape Town, all my therapists recommend these amazing products–fantastic for clients, great for the therapist and of course, excellent for business.”

Bellabaci’s Homeopathic Essential Complexes, or aromeopathic treatment oils, are made from pure organic essential oils and cold-pressed carrier oils. They contain no artificial fragrances, colouring agents and are not tested on animals. The fundamental philosophy of homeopathy is best described as “similar can be cured by similar;” users can be cured of various acute and chronic diseases without the toxic side-effects of pharmaceutical medication.

Starting in 1996, the concept of Homeopathic Aromatherapy (Aromeopathy) was created by Dr. Katya Tsvyetkova (M.D., Ph.D. in pulmonology, with more than 30 publications and thesis) and Lilian Terry (clinical aromatherapist with more than 25 years of experience in beauty therapy and aromatherapy).

Bellabaci’s Homeopathic Essential Complexes, along with the Bellabaci Body and Face Massage Systems or massage cupping, is an excellent alternative holistic treatment method for a vast range of modern day ailments. There is a lot of buzz that Bellabaci’s “get rid of cellulite” massage therapy and techniques are proving to be sensational remedies for women suffering the “orange peel” affliction. This unique cellulite treatment is garnering rave reviews from women of all shapes and sizes as the most affordable, highly effective, natural, easy and efficient cellulite treatment available today.

Animated and excited about Bellabaci’s answer to frustrated women worldwide, Trabelsi added, “Combined with our new Bellabaci Cellultherapy range of Homeopathic Oil Complexes, we believe that we have the answer to getting rid of cellulite effectively without the pain, suffering and inconvenience of invasive surgery like Cellulaze or Liposuction. Bellabaci is the logical and easy solution for women wanting a cellulite free figure”.

To learn more about Bellabaci Massage Therapy and Bellabaci Homeopathic Essential Complexes, visit: www.bellabaci.com and www.bellabacihomeopathicoils.com.