Nancy Donahue, who rose to the top of the modeling world in the 70’s and 80’s, gracing the covers of every important American and International fashion journal, including Harper’s Bazaar and American, Italian, French and British Vogue, was intrigued when a friend told her that her massage therapist had used a device to help soften her tissues after undergoing liposuction. Donahue, a Fitness Director and Triathlete who often suffered from sore muscles, used the device and discovered it not only soothed her muscles, it had an important side effect:

it helped diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Donahue saw the device’s potential for the athletic, spa and wellness markets as well as the burgeoning beauty tool industry, and consulted with her friend, a top plastic surgeon, about how the device could be redesigned for home use. After four years of development by M.I.T and Harvard engineers and input from four top Boston Doctors, the HoneyBelle ® bodybuffer launched in January 2010. HoneyBelle® captured the attention of the beauty, wellness and athletic markets, as there was nothing else like it available. It soon became clear that a ‘travel version’ was needed, small enough to take to the gym, Pilates, yoga classes or to take on vacation, and so babyBelle® was born.

Like its big sister HoneyBelle®, babyBelle® is a breakthrough beauty/wellness device designed to provide on-the-go maintenance for controlling the appearance of cellulite and providing instant deep soft tissue massage for sore aching muscles, and, although smaller than HoneyBelle®, it’s strong enough to do the job!

“It’s an easy regime to maintain, as simple as brushing your teeth. There is nothing else like it available in the market. Use it 5 minutes twice a day as a cellulite treatment, or before and after exercise to first warm up, and then relax sore muscles” says Donahue. “You will notice a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin and the feel of your muscles after a short period of time.” 70% of women clinically tested found a significant improvement in the appearance of their cellulite after using HoneyBelle ® bodybuffer for just 30 days when used as directed. babyBelle® maintains the improved appearance in the skin obtained by using HoneyBelle®, while away from home, as well as massaging sore muscles after work outs or exercise.