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deep tissue massage

1. 4 Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

By becoming trained in deep tissue massage, you can be prepared to better serve athletes, people managing chronic pain, and other specialized populations.



extend your massage therapy career

Photo Courtesy of Health Matters Seminars

2. 8 Ways to Extend Your Massage Therapy Career

How can we protect our bodies—and deliver consistently superior sessions? These self-care strategies can help prolong your massage therapy career.




Picture of side of womans neck thyroid

3. Massage Therapy and Thyroid Health

 Learn how clients with thyroid disorders might benefit from massage therapy.



The history of hot-stone-massage

4. The History of Hot Stone Massage

Although some massage therapists and clients may consider hot stone massage to be simply fashionable, the use of stones and gemstones for healing purposes dates back thousands of years.



Marijuana plant in hand

5. Marijuana & Massage: 5 Questions Answered

The category of topical products—the growing number of cannabidiol (CBD)-containing salves, creams, oils and patches touted as relaxing and pain-relieving—is the point at which marijuana and massage intersect.


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