Best Practices: Rose Cobo, Rose Doddy and Deborah Williams, MASSAGE MagazineTo complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Best Practices,” in the April 2013 issue. Article summary: Rose Doddy, L.M.T., L.P.N., C.L.T., Deborah Williams, L.M.T., C.L.T., and Rose Cobo, L.M.T., C.L.T., are in business together as massage and lymphedema therapists at their practice, Lymphedema Management Associates ( in Staten Island, New York. All three women have trained in The Alatriste Method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and lymphedema therapy, and are certified compression-grade garment fitters with such companies as BSN Medical and Juzo. Doddy, Williams and Cobo have more than 65 years of professional experience between them.

Q: What are two things you credit for your success as a massage therapist?

Rose Cobo: First, being in the proper and ideal mental state to provide maximum help. Second, closing my eyes and opening my hands to hear what clients’ bodies tell me, then responding accordingly.

Rose Doddy: I credit my success to being a good listener and a good communicator. You have to listen to what your clients are saying and show compassion.

Deborah Williams: Compassion; being sensitive to my clients’ needs by tailoring their sessions to give them maximum benefit from their treatment. Gratitude; being grateful and appreciative of my clientele.

Q: What challenges might a lymphatic session present?

Cobo: A patient who doesn’t understand this disease and asks how long before the condition is cured; a patient who moans and cries about discomfort he experiences; or a patient who talks only about the change in the quality of her life and the frustration at dealing with the intense, complete five-step treatment plan at our treatment facility.

Doddy: When a patient presents with bilateral upper or lower extremity lymphedema. This patient will need extensive combined decongestive therapy, sometimes lasting two to three weeks.

Williams: Decongestive therapy sessions deal with wrapping the limb with compression bandages. This can be very time-consuming and intricate work.

Q: How do you define business success?

Cobo: By a steady growth in number of patients, satisfied and happy with the professional, personal, compassionate care provided by our team.

Williams: My treatments resulting in my clients having a better quality of life.

Q: How have you seen the use and acceptance of massage therapy change over the years?

Cobo: I have seen a steady increase in respect for my profession over the years. Massage has many modalities with several times more benefits. It has become a profession people respect.

Update Dec. 12, 2014—Lymphedema Management Associates is no longer in practice. Rose Doddy has relocated to 69 Guyon Ave., Staton Island, New York, 10306. She can be contacted at (718) 980-1404.