BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, debuts its new Spa Collection Cotton Towels, which are made from 100-percent cotton and available in three different sizes.

Chicago, IL–(– BestMassage has some new items to add to its inventory of massage supplies and spa offerings: 100-percent cotton towels. The Spa Collection Cotton Towels are sourced from pure cotton and are available as follows: the Table Cover Towel, which comes in a pack of one, measure 83 inches by 41 inches and costs $18.90; Bath Towels, which come in a set of six, measure 41 inches by 22 inches and cost $22.90; and the Hand Towel Set, which comes in a set of 12, measures 30 inches by 13 inches and cost $19.90. All towels are white.

BestMassage is currently phasing out its Luxurious Spa Towels, which are a blend of 95-percent cotton and 5-percent polyester and replacing them with the Spa Collection Cotton Towels. Indeed, pure cotton towels have their advantages over poly-blends. Cotton is considered better at wicking away moisture, feels more natural and breathable, does not cause skin irritation and is easy-to-clean. On the other hand, cotton is slightly more expensive, is prone to shrinking and wrinkling, and is more likely to lose shape when compared to a poly-blend.

According to Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage, pure cotton towels, although more expensive than their poly-blend relatives, are softer and more lavish. “I personally like the feel of pure cotton on my skin. It is more breathable and more absorbent. We like to use the best materials when we create our products. I’m happy with our new Spa Collection Cotton Towels,” she said.

Currently, BestMassage offers three types of towels beside the Spa Collection Cotton Towels: the Twelve-Piece Spa Towels, the Spa Bamboo Towels and the Luxurious Spa Towels. The Luxurious Spa Towels, as previously mentioned, will not be reordered once they are sold out. The Twelve-Piece Spa Towels are 100-percent cotton and, like their name suggests, are available in packs of 12 and coincidentally measure 12 inches by 12 inches. These washcloth-proportioned towels offer a smaller-sized alternative to the three sizes present in the Spa Collection Cotton Towels. The Spa Bamboo Towels are a blend of 70-percent bamboo and 30-percent cotton. They are marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to cotton towels, come in three different sizes (small, 13 inches by 13 inches; medium, 55 inches by 28 inches; and large, 70 inches by 35 inches), and come in five different colors.

According to Buechler, offering towels alongside massage tables and massage supplies makes sense. “Towels are used everywhere in salons, spas, gyms and at home. We like to have towels available for purchase by themselves or as an add-on purchase when a customer buys a larger-ticket item like a massage table,” she said. Spa Collection Cotton Towels are available now under the Spa Accessories and Supplies section of

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