Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) July 23, 2012. Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage, admits she is always on the lookout for new, environmentally friendly products to sell at her company. “We mainly sell massage tables and massage supplies, but we are making segues into selling other products that are aligned with our vision of wellness,” said Buechler. “When I heard about Hogwash Air Neutralizer, I confess I was thrown off by the unusual name, but after hearing about how effective it is and how it is totally safe for the environment, I was sold. I knew that it would be a product that we would sell at BestMassage—right next to our massage tables!”

What is so great about Hogwash? It is deemed as an air neutralizer and is said to eliminate odors instead of covering them up as many air fresheners do. How does it work? Its website,, states, “Hogwash’s unique blend of organic ingredients attack odors turning them into an organic salt.” What makes Hogwash most unique, however, is how pure it is. It does not contain any man-made chemicals; all the ingredients are organic, it is biodegradable, it does not leave any residue, it does not stain clothes and it is safe for children, pets and people with respiratory ailments.

“What is so alarming is that traditional air fresheners can be seriously bad for your health,” asserts Buechler. Indeed there have been studies performed that confirm that many traditional air fresheners contain phthalates, chemicals believed to disrupt hormones in humans. Phthalates may be most harmful to young children and unborn babies. They may also be responsible for a reduction in testosterone and sperm count in males and reproductive abnormalities in females. Pregnant women should be especially careful around these chemicals because there is an increased risk of birth defects associated with exposure to them.

“We take care in choosing every product that we sell here at BestMassage. We want to know that we are making a positive difference in people’s lives and the environment by selling nonharmful products. Hopefully, consumers will see the benefits to purchasing products that are good for them as well as good for our ecosystem.”

BestMassage now carries Hogwash in four sizes on The 1-ounce pump is $1.99, the 4-ounce pump is $4.99, the 8-ounce spray is $7.99 and the 32-ounce spray is $17.99.

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