(2011-09-15) Chicago, IL – BestMassage.com, a leading supplier of massage tables and equipment, has introduced four new PowerLift electric massage tables: the Eco PowerLift, Eco LiftBack, Standard Plus and the Chiro Versatile, all by the brand PowerLift.

“Most electric massage tables on the market cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars more than ours. We believe that luxury can be affordable without compromising quality. We are enthusiastic about our new line of elegant electric motorized tables. They offer many innovative features and are perfect for spas,” says Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage.com.

These four electric tables also feature a motor that raises and lowers the height of the table by pressing down on a foot pedal. In fact, the tables reportedly even go from their minimum height to maximum height in less than 30 seconds. The four tables are 28 inches wide (with the exception of the Chiro Versatile, which is 26 inches wide), feature 2.6-inch high-density, small-cell foam padding (Chiro Versatile has 2-inch thick padding), PU-leather upholstery in a cream color and iron-made frames and legs.

The Eco PowerLift electric massage table is the most economical of the four massage tables and is comprised of one main table section that raises and lowers by means of a motor. Releasing the wheel locks on the Foot Release Caster System makes the table mobile and locking them keeps it stationary. The Eco PowerLift massage table has rounded corners and comes with a free adjustable headrest, face pillow and hanging arm shelf. It is available for $789.

The Eco LiftBack electric massage table has a two-section design comprised of a motorized main table section that moves up and down and a manually adjustable backrest that raises and lowers from zero to 60 degrees. The backrest features a built-in faceport with a removable face plug. Like the Eco PowerLift, the Eco LiftBack boasts rounded corners and the Foot Release Caster System. The Eco LiftBack massage table is available for $889.

The three-section Standard Plus PowerLift electric massage table includes one motorized main table section with two removable and adjustable armrests. The Standard Plus PowerLift massage table is rendered mobile by activating its Wheel Release System. This involves depressing the bar near each pair of wheels to set the wheels onto the floor. Pushing the bar up retracts the wheels making the table stationary. The rounded-corner Standard Plus Massage table comes with a fully adjustable headrest and face pillow as well as an adjustable arm shelf. Total cost for this massage table is $989.

The last electric massage table of the series, the Chiro Versatile PowerLift, has two motors: one to raise and lower the table’s overall height and another to adjust the height of its middle section. Both motors can be activated with a touch of a button on their respective pedals. The table has a five-section design (head section, chest section, leg/backrest section and two armrests). When the mid-section pedal is activated the chest section and leg/backrest section can reach a maximum angle of 13 degrees and 20 degrees, respectively. The Chiro Versatile comes with two armrests which can be adjusted in three different ways. Like the Standard Plus, the Chiro Versatile can be moved using the Wheel Release System. Because it has the most features, the Chiro Versatile is coming in at $1,289.

Although currently listed on the BestMassage.com website, this series of motorized massage tables will become available for sale beginning the last two weeks of October. According to Buechler, “We are encouraging people to check out the tables now before they go on sale. Find the one that suits you best!”

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