, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has two new PowerLift massage tables: the Cozy LiftBack PowerLift massage table and the Cozy Spa LiftBack PowerLift massage table, both available for delivery in January of 2012.

Chicago, IL – BestMassage is starting off 2012 with a bang with the introduction of two new PowerLift electric-motorized massage tables. “We have seen a growing interest in electric massage tables. They are wonderful for use in upscale spas and salons. Clients and therapists alike really love them,” asserts Amona Buechler, owner of BestMassage.

And what do clients and therapists like about the PowerLift electric-motorized massage tables? “They’re just so easy!” answers Buechler. “With a touch of a pedal, you can raise and lower the height of the massage table, which means easier access to the client for the therapist. It’s really about convenience.”

Both the Cozy LiftBack PowerLift and the Cozy Spa LiftBack PowerLift feature a pedal-controlled electric motor that raises and lowers the overall height of the tables. The Cozy LiftBack PowerLift massage table has backrest that can be manually adjusted. The Cozy Spa Liftback PowerLift massage table also comes with a manually adjustable headrest, but it also features a manually adjustable three-section leg rest.

“We are really excited about the three-section leg rest,” reveals Buechler. “This leg rest moves the client’s hips and legs into a position of pure comfort.” In addition, the Cozy Spa LiftBack comes with fully adjustable arm rests that are also removable. “This lets the client enjoy the comfort of an armrest while receiving a massage, and allows her to easily get on and off the table.”

Both massage tables come in a cream and mahogany color combination with hardwood beech legs and frames. The Cozy Spa LiftBack boasts 3.5 inches of small-cell foam, while the Cozy LiftBack has 2.75 inches worth of padding. Both massage tables come with a free adjustable headrest, a face pillow and a hanging arm shelf. The Cozy LiftBack retails for $1,290, but is currently on special for $789. The Cozy Spa LiftBack retails for $1,490, but presently has a special price of $889. Both massage tables can be ordered now, but will not be available for delivery until Jan. 31, 2012.

“We know our customers will really enjoy these two luxurious tables. We think they are a perfect start to another great year for BestMassage,” says Buechler.