Never has the old adage “Health is Wealth” resonated more strongly than amid today’s economic challenges. Yoga2You’s 10 Minutes of Stress Relief relaxation therapy provides essential relaxation techniques that helps listeners feel better immediately. The cumulative effects of this increased stress management will help the body’s immune system defend itself against the many ill-effects of a stressed life.

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2008 — Yoga2You’s essential relaxation therapy, 10 Minutes of Stress Relief, helps to center and rejuvenate. Now, this easy-to-follow relaxation therapy is available as a CD ( or Digital Download (, priced so that anyone who is stressed can afford to buy it.

Taking time to slack, or relax, for ten minutes a day does wonders. And new scientific findings show that “taking ten” or regular time-outs for long term relaxation therapy, also helps the body to sleep better and defend itself in unseen ways against toxic stresses.

Does vegging out in front of the TV, having a glass of wine or a smoke count? Not quite, and here’s why: recent scientific research shows that achieving the “deep relaxation response” is what helps the body’s immune system build key defenses against stress. Even during sleep, the brain is at work.

“Your mother may have called television the boob tube, but believe it or not, when it comes to the relaxation response, you’re still using your brain to engage and watch,” explains yoga teacher Saraswati (, creator and vocal artist for 10 Minutes of Stress Relief. “When we relax in ways that use our brain, whether in front of a TV, reading a good book, or surfing the Internet, it doesn’t elicit the relaxation response which is attained through activities that rest the thinking mind.”

Specifically, relaxation techniques, repetitive prayer, and varied forms of meditation are what scientists found influence the genetic activity that makes cellular defense against stress more effective. At a cost of just over a penny a day for the single download, or three cents a day for the CD, and just ten minutes, improved health and reduced stress has just become simpler than ever. 10 Minutes of Stress Relief is a practical addition for any relaxation toolbox.

Challenges of sticking to any New Year’s resolution whether it be an exercise routine, increased work productivity, or taking ten minutes to relax or meditate can be both finding the time and staying focused within that time. 10 Minutes of Stress Relief makes the most of those preciously carved relaxation minutes by serving as a kind of buddy or relaxation coach, the on-call companion for sticking to a program of improved stress management in meeting today’s lifestyle challenges.

As one fan of Saraswati’s relaxation therapy wrote (, “After a hard day’s work, I like to listen to the CD before going to bed. It relaxes me completely. It is like having a private Yoga Instructor with me at all times.”

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