With the launch of beYogi Insurance Plus, yoga instructors may now obtain the affordable, flexible liability coverage they need at the click of a button.

beYogi Insurance Plus - Get the yoga liability insurance and peace of mind you deserve.Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. — beYogi.com, your premier online yoga resource, has teamed up with Insurance Plus to offer yoga teachers and teacher trainees access to all-inclusive, affordable yoga insurance. For $159 annually, instructors receive the premium liability insurance required by most studios and gain access to exclusive teacher resources.

Earlier this year, beYogi was launched to support members of the yoga community at every step of their journey to learn, teach and live yoga. The site offers inspiration for yoga sequences, themes and playlists in addition to information on anatomy, marketing and business management. In April, beYogi added an online yoga pose library to its repertoire of resources, and now it has expanded yet again to offer yoga liability insurance for teachers.

Tailored for yogis on the go, beYogi’s flexible insurance plan follows you everywhere, whether you are teaching inside a studio, outside in a park, or even at a festival. In addition to complete liability protection, the innovative program includes a multitude of benefits to support working yoga professionals—a free website, product discounts, yoga giveaways and more.

Featured benefits of the beYogi Insurance Plus program include:

  • One low rate whether you’re full time or part time; teaching in a studio, at home, or on the go; independent or an employee
  • Coverage for 350 styles of yoga, massage therapy, Pilates, reiki and more
  • Instant coverage and proof of insurance at checkout
  • Bonus coverage for identity protection and stolen equipment
  • Free business resources, including a professional website and product discounts

Citing the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), beYogi reports the estimated number of yoga-related injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms has nearly doubled in four years—rising from about 2,500 injuries in 2009 to nearly 5,000 injuries in 2012.

“Even the most experienced instructors can encounter an incident outside of their control,” says Heather Alves, director of beYogi Insurance Plus. “Yoga’s popularity continues to increase across the U.S., and with that comes a rise in the need for liability insurance. Professionals need peace of mind knowing they are covered as their business grows.”

beYogi’s high-coverage limits include professional and general liability insurance ($2 million per occurrence, $3 million individual annual aggregate); product coverage ($2 million per occurrence and individual annual aggregate); $100,000 rental damage insurance; an identity protection plan; and $1,000 stolen equipment insurance. These are individual limits reserved for policyholders during their coverage term, not shared across all members.

Yoga teachers, trainers and therapists can enroll in beYogi Insurance Plus and receive the above benefits by visiting beyogi.com/professional-insurance.

Insurance options are also available to students enrolled in yoga teacher training, and range from six months of coverage for $10 to 12 months of coverage for $25. Details regarding the student programs may be obtained at beyogi.com/student-insurance.

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