From the MASSAGE Magazine article titled, “The Gentle Art of Infant Massage” by Andrea Kelly, in the October 2008 issue. Article summary: Infant massage—a technique taught by massage therapists to parents—provides physical, emotional and mental-health benefits while strengthening the bond between parent and child. Learn how this growing specialty can be a valuable adjunct to your massage practice.


The IAIM®, which also does business as the World Institute for Nurturing Communication, is considered throughout the world to be a leader in teaching infant massage, and is committed to developing classes that encourage the continuous building of a firm and loving foundation within the home.


The IAIM® has been educating professionals for more than 20 years and has an alumni base of more than 20,000 members in North America. Members include nurses, doctors, massage therapists, occupational and physical therapists, pediatric psychologists, social service workers, and many more professionals.


Based on new data and continued research, our program now includes compassionate communication as the next step in the gift of health and love that can last a lifetime.


Three new classes pioneer this development: • Compassionate Parenting and the Power of Nurturing Touch, developed by Certified International Instructor Trainer Anna Marie Evans, is a program designed for both parents and professionals to aide in developing healthy parent-child connections through compassionate communication and re-enforcing nurturing touch. This results in deep emotional connections among family members that span a lifetime. • The NICU- Life Touch CIMI Level II, developed by Certified International Instructor Trainers Beth Fletcher and Penny Goldman, was developed for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses to prepare parents to take their babies with special needs home.  

• The CIMI Refresher Course, developed by Certified International Instructor Trainers Beth Fletcher and Penny Goldman, was developed to teach Certified Infant Massage Instructors about the newest research and program changes since their initial certification. Many of our members became certified years ago and an update is necessary to be current.

We hope to continue to develop classes that will enhance positive family experiences that nurture the body, mind and spirit of the family unit. There are many forms of nurturing communication, such as touch, dialogue, dance, art and music, just to name a few. 

—Andrea Kelly


Andrea Kelly teaches at all levels of the IAIM®, including parent and baby classes, the Certified Infant Massage Instructor training program (CIMI) and with Certified International Instructor Trainers (CIIT), preparing these leaders to promote their passion for this work through mentorship and curriculum design. Visit the IAIM® online at or call (805) 644-1066 for further information.