Newport Beach, CA, April 20, 2011: BioCell Technology, LLC announced that its flagship healthy aging ingredient, BioCell Collagen II®, is featured in a new product launch from ResVitále called Collagen Enhance Chews. The BioCell Collagen II® logo will be prominently displayed on its packaging, as well as various marketing efforts.

Collagen Enhance is a skin revitalizing fruit chew which will be exclusively available at GNC. Collagen Enhance’s formulation combines BioCell Collagen II®’s age-defying properties of natural collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA) with organic French red wine antioxidants in order to boost skin hydration, firmness, and elasticity.

“We are very excited to have BioCell Collagen II featured in this fantastic formulation,” said Suhail Ishaq, President of BioCell Technology. “Not only are we excited to reach a wider consumer base with the inclusion of BioCell Collagen II in this product, but an offering like ResVitále’s Collagen Enhance Chew really showcases BioCell Collagen II’s versatility for the first time in a tasty dietary supplement fruit chew format. “

ResVitále’s Collagen Enhance delivers the healthy aging properties of BioCell Collagen II® combined with red wine antioxidants to help boost skin elasticity and firmness. A delicious and convenient alternative to pills, Collagen Enhance restores the skin’s natural collagen strength to help maintain a youthful appearance.

“We are thrilled to feature BioCell Collagen II® as the key ingredient in our latest formula” said Naomi Whittel, CEO and founder of ResVitále. “This superior combination of BioCell Collagen II® and red wine polyphenols works synergistically to promote age-defying, skin-revitalizing benefits.”

About BioCell Technology:

Founded in 1997, BioCell Technology, LLC is the exclusive supplier of BioCell Collagen II®. BioCell Technology, LLC owns the exclusive rights to market BioCell Collagen II® under the United States Patents #6,025,327; 6,323,319; 6,780,841; 7,091,180; 7,799,348. BioCell Collagen II® is a branded registered logo that is available for display on its client’s labels to market under their own brand name or formulas. For more information on BioCell Collagen II®, please contact BioCell Technology, LLC at (714) 632-1231, or visit them at

About ResVitale:

ResVitale is committed to providing premium supplements to consumers through certified organic sourcing, innovative research and unrivaled dedication to quality. Harvesting from biodynamic vineyards in southern France, ResVitale boosts the bioavailability of Resveratrol through a patent-pending ‘Vine-to-Capsule’ extraction process, producing nutritional supplements unsurpassed in purity, potency and freshness. ResVitale is sold exclusively at GNC’s fine retail locations both in the U.S. and international markets. To learn more about ResVitale’s elite line of products, call (855) 262-6293, or visit