Limited holiday edition

Among all signs of aging, those associated with the skin are naturally the most visible. While skin quality is partially determined by genetics, cutaneous aging occurs increasingly more prematurely and becomes further exacerbated by the hormonal deficiencies arising with menopause, excess sun exposure and all incidence of oxidative stress due to the harmful effects of free radicals. As a result, a shutdown in estrogen hormone production leads to a reduction in collagen and elastin fibers. The fundamental substance surrounding dermal cells is modified and changes the very cohesion of the cells. Skin becomes slack and loses its suppleness.

Ultraviolet light increases the breakdown rate of skin’s constituent elements by comparison to their production. Consequently, skin becomes thinner and less resistant. Free radicals, the unstable molecules generated by our metabolism, are mostly trapped and transformed into substance by anti-free-radical mechanisms in a young body, but this line of defense loses its effectiveness over time. When free radicals build up excessively within the body, they attack cellular membranes and our precious DNA. They are, therefore, responsible for premature tissue aging, causing collagen breakdown and accentuated wrinkles.

Thinner and less resilient than the skin on the body, facial skin is more exposed to sunlight and all other external aggressors. Accordingly, it requires suitable care.

The Biologique Recherche solution

Ten years ago, the founder of Biologique-Recherche, Yvan Allouche, created Le Grand Millesime. Today, the founder’s son, Dr. Philippe Allouche, and his team have revised this concentrate of luminescence and performance to boost its protective benefits and its appeal to the senses. The result, Le Grand Sérum, is a genuine concentrate of skin-care benefits and long-lasting radiance, the serum of a timeless Instant.

Although Le Grand Sérum was initially introduced as an exclusive limited series due to the quality and complexities of both its formula and presentation, it will become available once again for the holiday season.

With 27 active ingredients, Le Grand Sérum is a truly ubiquitous serum with global action. It boosts skin’s age-defying performance and effective self-defense against aggressions. Ideal before makeup application, this sublimating elixir works like a true beauty concentrate, enhancing skin’s natural glow and protecting epidermal hydration. Its effects gain in intensity with every use. Recommended for all Skin Instants®.


• Helps prevent premature skin aging.

• Tones, revitalizes and soothes the skin.

• Helps strengthen the skin’s natural defense system.

• Illuminates the complexion and moisturizes the outer skin layers.


• An exceptional result that leaves the skin plumped up, toned and glowing.

• Procures a genuine booster effect on the skin.

Active ingredients against signs of premature skin aging:

• Amino acids, complex based on elder, chestnut and tropical almond extract, watercress extract

Anti-free radical active ingredients:

• Mimosa extract, cranberry extract, wasabi extract, vitamin B1, B6, PP complex, cider vinegar

Soothing active ingredients:

• Rhamnose-rich polysaccharides, kudzu extract, essential oil of carvone, essential oil of jasmine

Moisturizing active ingredients:

• Reconstituted natural moisture factors, hyaluronic acid, rhizobian gum, silk extract, gluconolactone, vitamin B3

Toning active ingredients:

• Cucumber extract, complex made with witch hazel and St. John’s Wort extract, black crowberry juice, essential oil of mint

Directions for use:

Home use: This serum for a magical Skin Instant can also be repeatedly applied as a month-long treatment. Apply a few drops of Le Grand Sérum to clean skin all over the face, neck and décolleté with light upward strokes. Use mornings and/or evenings.

Please note: Due to its rich composition featuring a high concentration of active ingredients, Le Grand Sérum may be used alone. However, it may also be applied after the recommended cream when used on mature skin types.


• 1.02 ounces. Professional Price: $200

• 4.24 ounces. Professional Price: $320

Limited golden bottles in numbered golden boxes, embossed with the Biologique Recherche flower.