Biologique Recherche, the renowned French skin-care line with a tradition for combining clinical skin products and professional procedures with absolute luxury, is pleased to announce the launch of the much-anticipated Travel Kit. A selection of beloved essentials is now available in travel-friendly sizes and nestled in a chic carrying case.

The Travel Kit includes:

  • Brightening exfoliator Lotion P50W (1.7 ounces)
  • Antioxidant mist L’eauxygenante (1.7 ounces)
  • Anti-pollution facial cleanser Lait VIP O2 (1.02 ounces)
  • Golden body oil Huile Benefique (1.02 ounces)
  • BONUS: A 0.7-ounces travel jar that can be filled with a favorite cream or mask

The Travel Kit comes in a beautifully branded, transparent case that adheres to airport security regulations. The travel-size products will be sold in the pre-packaged Travel Kit and separately. Both professional and retail clients will enjoy a 10-percent discount when purchased as a kit rather than separately.

Travel Kit: $108

Lait VIP O2 (1.02 ounces): $15

Lotion P50W (1.7 ounces): $24

Huile Benefique (1.02 ounces): $24

Travel Jar (0.7 ounces): $4

Travel Case: $12

Availability in September 2011.