BIOTONE Introduces Cocoa-Comfort New Massage Lotion, Industry News, MASSAGE MagazineNew Massage Lotion Contains Cocoa Butter for Ultimate Hydration

SAN DIEGO, CA  – August 11, 2009 – BIOTONE announces Cocoa-Comfort Massage Lotion with Cocoa Butter, nature’s ultimate hydrator, to soothe and balance the skin and enhance its texture and tone. The versatile new product, developed for use in all modalities, offers longer workability, which results in less reapplication.

In addition to Cocoa Butter, which contains natural antioxidants, Cocoa-Comfort Massage Lotion also includes several other organic ingredients and is paraben free. Avocado Oil, a leading ingredient, softens, soothes and protects the skin due to its high fat content and Vitamin A and C components. Soy Oil helps contribute to a more radiant skin by helping even skin tone and texture, and Aloe Vera promotes healing and is soothing to the skin. Cocoa-Comfort Massage Lotion is non greasy and pump-able.

“We wanted to create a new professional massage therapy product to take advantage of the wonderful properties inherent in Cocoa Butter for moisturizing and protecting the skin,” said Jean Shea, BIOTONE CEO and founder. “The product assures our customers of the kind of excellent workability and versatility they have come to expect from BIOTONE, and they now have another unique option to offer clients who are seeking skin moisturizing benefits from their massage.

Pricing and Availability

The new offering is available in an eight-ounce refillable pump bottle for $7.95 MSRP,

a 32-ounce pump bottle for $21.90 MSRP and a one-gallon container for $39.75 MSRP. To order call BIOTONE at 800.445.6457.

BIOTONE, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is the leading manufacturer of superior quality professional massage oils, cremes, lotions and gels as well as spa body, face and foot treatment products. Founded in 1980, BIOTONE is a family-run, woman-owned business. The company sells its products in the US and Internationally. More information can be found at or by calling 800.445.6457.