New massage creme is ideal for instrument-assisted, soft-tissue massage and myofascial therapy

BIOTONE Introduces Controlled-Glide™ Massage Creme, MASSAGE MagazineSAN DIEGO, CA – August 17, 2011 – BIOTONE has introduced Controlled-Glide Massage Creme. Uniquely formulated to provide a rich thick creme with contained glide, the new professional massage lubricant is ideally suited for instrument-assisted, soft-tissue mobilization, fascia and deep-tissue therapies.

“We developed the Controlled-Glide Massage Creme specifically to meet the needs of massage therapists and chiropractors offering fascia and deep-tissue therapies,” said Jean Shea, BIOTONE founder and president. “Our new formulation provides contained glide, increased tissue perception and ideal absorption rates that professionals told us worked best for these treatments. Massage modalities goals are specific, so the lubricant used should be just as precise in aiding maximum therapeutic results.”

Controlled-Glide Massage Creme has a rich thick texture that assures a smooth application. It is nongreasy and nontacky to improve patient comfort. The product consists of naturally derived ingredients, including arnica extracts to help heal bruising and shea butter to moisturize and hydrate. Controlled Glide Massage Creme is paraben-free.

Pricing and availability
Controlled-Glide Massage Creme is available now in the following sizes: .25-ounce jar for $1.60 (MSRP), a 14-ounce jar for $21.90 (MSRP) and a 32-ounce jar for $36.85 (MSRP) .


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