Nutrient-rich formula with mango butter provides versatile gel for all modalities

SAN DIEGO, CA – Feb. 9, 2012 – BIOTONE has introduced True Balance Massage Gel, which uniquely combines mango butter with fruit oils and botanical extracts to provide a lubricant that is rich, luxurious and long lasting. The carefully balanced unscented gel is versatile enough to use for all modalities, including hot stone and aromatherapy. Using fractionated coconut oil, True Balance gives a light satiny glide, nutrient rich protection and long-lasting shelf life, allowing treatments to require less product and fewer applications.

Deeply hydrating, mango butter leaves the skin smooth and soft. In addition to its natural emollient properties, this distinctive buttery ingredient has a protective effect against UV radiation and promotes healthy rejuvenated skin.

True Balance also includes aloe vera for healing and skin repair. True Balance can be used as is or enhanced with essential oils to create aromatherapy blends. Unscented, it is safe for clients with sensitivities to fragrances. Worry-free washout assures easy removal from linens.

“Our goal at BIOTONE is to continue to research and bring to market products to give professionals and their clients many choices,” said Jean Shea, BIOTONE founder and president. “We also are constantly looking for new ingredients and ways to make our products economical. Our new offering meets both goals by combining ingredients, such as mango butter, never before available in a massage lubricant, and by requiring less product usage for more coverage than alternative lubricants.”

True Balance is available now in the following sizes: 1 ounce for $1.60 MSRP, 8 ounces for $12.55 MSRP and 1 gallon for $61.95 MSRP.


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